D&D 5E Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E Kickstarter

Wish that killer D&D 5E game didn't end at 20th level? Keen on taking up a fight with a god? Looking to sunder worlds? I have a thing for you.

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What is this? A 128 page sourcebook for adventuring through 21st–30th level, including epic hazards and a bestiary of 50 lethal monsters.

How much is it? $12 for the PDF, $30 plus shipping and handling for the shiny hardcover.

Why? Many years ago, before the before time shortly after 5E came out, the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter (my second project; this is #10) hit a stretch goal for a 5E conversion. I am immensely proud of how the Pathfinder version of that book came out, but the 5E conversion just didn't jive right. It can still be fun mind you—the numbers just didn't work out right for the Hyper Score framework.

That still drives me right up the wall.

This book is my fix for that and after a year of playtesting I am EXTREMELY pleased with how it came out! Not only are the rules tight as a drum, but this is easily the prettiest book I've ever put together.

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128 pages sounds extremely short for you. What are you hiding? Your keen instincts are correct—there is more to this project than the book. Throughout the rest of this month I'll be posting Epic Archetype Features to www.epic5e.com for every single D&D 5E archetype. Originally these were going to be included in the book but ultimately I decided that online was the smarter choice. First of all I'd need to run a playtest game every day for more than a year to playtest all of that material, and perhaps more importantly it would have made most of the book into archetype features (roughly 30 pages of material).

That'd hardly be an agile tool! This whole design—the epic class levels, the hazards, the monsters—is fundamentally built on the principles of D&D 5E, reinforcing and strengthening them for high level play. So as much as I love big honking tomes (and I do, I've made several in excess of 300 pages) the right choice design-wise was to go lighter rather than heavier.
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When does it end? The Kickstarter closes on Thursday, April 22nd at 4:59 PM EST. You've got just under a month to get your pledge in!

Where can I pledge? Right here! Legendary Adventures: Epic D&D 5E

First Stretch Goal: Epic Depths, an adventure for 21st level characters that'll be unlocked at $10,000

epic depths stretch goal.jpg
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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
Looks cool :)

EU friendly shipping?
It is cool, I assure you. The playtest games were pretty incredible!
$10 for the UK and $16 for Europe in general (which is, I think, still cheaper than the core 5E books?)

Why not go with expanding the boon system from the DMG?
1) That's not OGL.
2) You'll find some similar mechanics in the epic feats.
3) I wanted more depth than "here's a thing for ya". There's more support coming too (epic archetype features for all the 5E archetypes, OGL or not, will be going up on www.epic5e.com over the next month) but as mentioned above I wanted this to be an agile tool for Gamemasters. So the book is the middle ground, I guess, and then the website will get my overzealous bits. :3

what makes your take different (and cooler) than the other 3rd party takes on this?
I haven't read the other epic rules supplements for 5E, but I know 2CGaming has a bunch! I'm sure there are similarities (more attacking for everybody) but would be surprised if there aren't more differences (do their epic druids get to transform into the terrain itself? Epic sorcerers get free concentration? Warlocks pick up all the pact boons? Use of secondary archetypes?)
That's also why there are 50 monsters in the book. If you have 5E epic rules your group already likes then by all means use them—and also this very affordable bestiary of extra monsters. ;)

Hmmm... I've heard disturbing rumors drivethrurpg ships from the UK. I think you need to investigate this, as I guess I'm not the only one who's going to ask.
And you might want to mention on the KS page that orders are fulfilled by drivethrurpg.

Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
Hmmm... I've heard disturbing rumors drivethrurpg ships from the UK. I think you need to investigate this, as I guess I'm not the only one who's going to ask.
And you might want to mention on the KS page that orders are fulfilled by drivethrurpg.
They do.

Print books ordered from OneBookShelf (which is DriveThruRPG, WarGamesVault, used to include RPGNow, and probably others I forget) are printed by Lightning Source which has distribution in Germany, France, and the UK. I'll doublecheck with Miranda over at DTRPG to doublecheck where books are sent from!

Update: The rumors were true! "UK. We only have two printers currently for LS — one in UK and one in US (ships US and Canada). We do not have an AUS one yet but it’s in plans for the future."
So barring unforeseen circumstances this book will not ship from within the EU. :(
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