5E Legendary Games: Open Call for 5e designers


This is something that's easily missed so I thought I'd post it for people interested and are comfortable with both Pathfinder rules and 5e rules:
Legendary Games is now hiring for 5E rule converters. Applicants must be extremely familiar with pathfinder and 5E rules, have an understanding of the OGL, and have past experience with rule conversion. Applicants will work under a line developer and with the authors as needed. Please send questions or resumes to rachel@makeyourgamelegendary.com by 1/31/16.

This is an open call; please feel free to share this post with others.
You can find some of their work (including mine!) over here at their website.

I've converted two of the adventures at Legendary Games (working on the third now) and for me there are significant benefits.

My experience thus far has been they're quite open to my ideas on converting the adventures. I've changed the mechanics of how things occur quite a bit between the two different versions, but the end result was the story largely remained in tact (except where changes to the story would be an improvement and/or make the adventure more accessible). This means non-legendary monsters became legendary and legendary monsters have become non-legendary. I've removed encounters and added encounters. Magic items have also been removed quite aggressively, and where appropriate I've created brand new magic items that don't exist in 5e (either converted over from Pathfinder or inspired by Pathfinder). I've gotten feedback and incorporated the feedback into the adventures, but overall I've seen a fairly light touch (although that can definitely differ depending on who your editor is). To start with I was quite worried at what they would do once I'd handed in the conversions and how much of the adventures would be altered from what I'd done. For the first one I included two versions of the Annis Hag (an NPC one and the generic one). I was worried they might cut out the generic one (doesn't feature in the adventure at all, I included it for DMs who wanted to use it outside of the adventure) but the changes beyond the feedback I'd gotten were minimal and largely necessary (typos and such).

They've also been encouraging of me suggesting new books or adventures to work on. I've struggled a bit because I'm both very pragmatic and 5e design is so tight compared with Pathfinder that finding areas where necessary additions are required is quite difficult. However this hasn't stopped Jason and the gang from encouraging me to work up pitches for ideas and run it past them or for suggesting areas I might pitch a new idea to them.

The big obvious advantages to working with Legendary (or any publisher) is artwork and layout. Legendary's artwork and layout is better than I can do on my own (or can afford to do out of my own pocket). However the other giant benefit is the fact print on demand copies are sold on Amazon. This is not something I could have done myself (at this point in time). So this is a great pro for me for working with Legendary Games vs publishing my own stuff by myself (of course, there's nothing stopping me from doing both).

So if you're interested in doing some 5e design work without necessarily having to create whole manuscripts all by yourself or don't want to have to worry about details like art and such, I'd definitely recommend sending through an email. Although note that the call is until the 31st of Jan.

If you want a bit more information check out this interview for some extra details or email any questions you have to rachel@makeyourgamelegendary.com. If you post here I might also answer questions, but I'm doing this off my own initiative rather than for Legendary Games so there's some things I'm not comfortable discussing publicly (such as pay, although checking out the interview I linked to will help give you an idea on how it works). I also make no guarantees on timeliness ;)