5E Legendary Might: deadly monsters on the fly?


I spend some time on the pathfinder forum and one of the things people seem to like is how deadly PF2 monsters can be with just a few more levels than the PCs. So, I was think about an easy method to implement that idea, without adding the +1 per level game of PF2e. So I came up with idea of "Legendary Might." This is basically a template to add to any monster. The goal it to make the monster harder to take down and for it to hit harder than a standard 5e monster. So this is what you do:
  1. Creatures with a CR of five or more above a PC's level have legendary might (or whatever level difference and name you feel is better for you).
  2. Creatures with legendary might have legendary advantage: They have advantage on all of their attacks and saves and you have disadvantage on your attacks and saves. This stacks with normal advantage/disadvantage.
  3. Creatures with legendary might are empowered: Their attacks do double damage (or max damage - whatever floats your boat).
Any thoughts? I guess I would need to come up with an XP modifier or something, but since I don't use XP...


This is actually a staple of martial arts films. The evil mastermind easily defeats the PCs (i.e. has Legendary Advantage). When the PCs find the secret of his technique they whomp her - she loses her Legendary Advantage.