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D&D 5E Leif's First 5E Homebrew In-Character Thread 1A

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Harald looks as if Lee has just told him his boots are out of style, they most certainly are not Joan catalan boots are forever in style.
OOC: [roll0]


Goblin Lair (sorry, not really a wachtower now)

Twenty feet down the passageway, Lee sees that there is a room ahead, and she can see two goblins in the room from where she is just outside the room. She actually can't see the southern wall of the room, but I put it on the map just for my own convenience.


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OOC: The unseen servant should be back further as we wouldn't want the light spilling into the room. Lee doesn't need it to see. Is the room lit? If is dark, Lee will sneak into hugging the left wall trying to get behind the Goblins.
Stealth: [roll0]


Changes noted and made. Lee is sure she is stealthily slipping up along the west wall of the room. I'm going to wait until we have a few more moves before I update the map. There is no other light source in the room.

OOC: She moves to V86, V85, V84, V83, W83, X83. Then attacks the goblin in Y84 (on the right) with her quarterstaff.
Attack [roll0] Damage [roll1] (That should probably be with advantage for surprise. But I'll be surprised if the goblin has over 10 hp.)

She can also take an off hand attack against the other goblin. But I forgot to roll it.

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