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Kickstarter Let The Games Begin: 50 dnd5e Mini-Games Live on Kickstarter!

Greetings, fellow Game Masters and Adventurers!
Crafting unique encounters and out-of-combat gameplay can be an absolute struggle as a Game Master. Preparing for downtime sessions, or festival activities, can be laborious as hours are spent brainstorming exactly how to run them. Therefore, I have created a compendium of 50 fun and engaging mini-games & challenges for you to easily incorporate into your campaigns.

Check out the preview and peruse this fun collection of games in Let The Games Begin!
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Whether they be quirky fun in a tavern, or epic tournament challenges, integrating mini-games into your adventures will provide both characters and players much needed respite and an ease of transition from one daring adventure to the next. You’ll also be able to show off and explore your worldbuilding, as players discover the unique festivals and sports that your cities celebrate. As well as help facilitate roleplay opportunities between your party characters, as they socialize in a friendly competition.


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