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Kickstarter Lethe: A TTRPG about recovering your past and choosing how we define ourselves.



"You wake on the shore of a river. Try as you might you can't remember anything but your name. At least you aren't the only one, there are others that washed up on the same shore. As you and your new companions venture into the forest beyond, some of your memories begin to return to you. Small memories at first but everything becomes more clear as you continue on. Will you embrace these memories and who you once were, or will you reject them in favor of who you have become?"

Lethe (pronounced “liːθi:” or “Lee-Thee”) is a TTRPG for 1-6 players and 1 GM that poses this question to its players. The characters are a group of individuals in an odd and dreamlike world. They wake up on the shore of a river knowing only their name and are tasked with finding who they used to be and how much of that person they want to be going forward. Unlike most systems, the GM creates the character backstories and their stats, skills, and abilities.


  • Unique gameplay that has the player start with a blank character sheet which is filled in throughout the game.
  • Players uncover their stats, abilities and their backstory as they play.
  • Great for beginner players. Easy to learn mechanics that are quick to pick up.
  • A dreamlike setting with the ability to customize as much as you wish.
  • Tell a wide range of stories from comedic to serious to scary.
  • A comprehensive guide for GMs to help make sure they are able to tell the collaborative story they wish to tell.
  • Designed to give the players moments of empowerment and catharsis, but on their own terms.

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