Kickstarter 'Warped': A Manic Multiversal TTRPG - Now On Kickstarter + Free Demo




Hi everyone, I wanted to share my new TTRPG 'Warped' with the community here!

Inspired by the universe-shifting madness of Everything Everywhere All At Once, Rick and Morty and The Spiderverse, ‘Warped’ is a tabletop roleplaying game about dealing with the chaos of the Multiverse, performing daring missions and using the unpredictability of infinite possibility to your advantage. Explore wild worlds, fight off foes and swap places with alternate reality versions of yourself to get the job done. In 'Warped', you battle across the Multiverse by switching places with alternate universe versions of yourself. One minute you're playing as a Cybersoldier from a futuristic dystopia, the next you're a Gunslinger from the old west, the next you're Made of Ice Cream, a Zombie or an Unfathomable Monolith of great celestial power. There are 100 different forms to choose from and 4000000 different combinations in the base game! You can check out the trailer below!

The game is quick and easy to learn and play, focusing on speed, energy and chaos. Each Multiversal Form is streamlined and ready to pickup and play, with its own HP, Stats and Powers. If your character dies, every conceivable version of themselves from across the Multiverse is simultaneously wiped from existence. Fight Hard. Cause Chaos. Die Trying. That's the name of the game!


You roll a d100 to determine your Core Multiversal Form: the core version of your Character that will inform their universe of origin, backstory and abilities. Once you have your Core Form, roll three more times to determine the alternate versions of yourself you can transform into throughout the game.

Each Multiversal Form has a short set of Powers that completely change how you play! The Wastelander is an expert in scavenging and hit-and-run gunplay. The Brainslug can control NPCs like puppets. The Great Old One can traverse the infinite void of space and spark madness in the minds of those who look upon it. Chainsaws For Hands... well, I'm sure that much is obvious. The ability to switch between Multiversal Forms makes each Player Character a veritable Swiss army knife; allowing them to solve problems by transforming into the Multiversal version of themselves best suited to the situation at hand.

Many Forms also come with Rift Equipment, an arsenal that is core to the play experience of a Form that both arrives and leaves with it. The Gunslinger comes with two six-shooters and a lasso, the Cybersoldier is armed to the teeth with shotguns, rifles and grenades and the Made of Ice Cream Form carries a stack of waffle cones and two deadly sharp ice cream scoops. Some Forms even have vehicles or even other creatures in their Rift Equipment!

Two Forms, Chainsaws For Hands and Wastelander, are listed below, complete with their Stats, Rift Equipment and Powers:


Please note that the graphic design displayed in this section makes use of the demo document and as such the final game will have a much more dynamic visual style.


As your adventures get more and more chaotic, the Chaos Meter will increase. Whenever a PC rolls a Natural 1 or 20 on a Check, a number is added to the Meter. When it is full, the pent up energy of chance and possibility explodes - bathing the scene in unstable Multiversal Energy. This will instantly cause all PCs to Rift Warp, adding an unpredictable, chaotic edge to combat. Not only that, but the Chaos Meter can also warp the world around you: providing your enemies with wild new powers and causing unpredictable shifts in the nearby terrain.


If you want to get your hands on 'Warped' already, you can play the demo for free right now! It comes with a Cheat Sheet to get you started and remind your Players of the rules, and an Adventure Module in which your Players will have to break out of Riiot: the worst prison in the Multiverse!

If you're interested, you can back the game on Kickstarter now!

If you have any thoughts or questions, or just want to chat about the game, I'd love to talk about it more!

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