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Lets Look At Some Kickstarter Data


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I have compiled all of EN Publishing's Kickstarters to date into a spreadsheet. This is all publicly available information, but the data might be of interest to folks who run or who plan to run Kickstarters.

I only recently started tracking pre-launch followers, which I feel might be a useful predictive data point once a few more camapigns are recorded with that info.

One thing that seems fairly consistent is that the first day funding is usually about 30% of the total. By first day, that goes by our first day, which is taken from Kicktraq. As we launch camapigns at 4pm in order to catch both the US and Europe awake, the 'first day' is an 11-hour period from 4pm to 5am the following the morning UK time (or roughly midday to midnight East Coast US). So it’s not a full 24 hour day.

ProjectPre-launch FollowersDay 1No. DaysTotalAverage/dayDay 1 % of totalFunded date
65 Enchanted Trinkets for D&D 5th Edition1,817155,021334.7336.1915 Sep 20
Over the Next Hill: 5 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game3,4511510,559703.9332.686 Oct 20
We Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost: Halloween Horror For 5E3,7251110,109919.0036.8530 Oct 20
Advanced Rules Miscellany: 5th Edition Rules Modules4,8461412,404886.0039.0721 Nov 20
Presents for Goblins: Festive Resources for D&D 5E2,128157,579505.2728.0814 Dec 20
Enchanted Trinkets II for D&D 5th Edition4,5481516,2281,081.8728.0319 Jan 21
Archetype Anthology: A Dozen Subclasses for D&D 5th Edition3,9491514,064937.6028.089 Feb 21
One-Page Adventures for D&D 5th Edition6,0722225,8521,175.0923.499 Mar 21
Allies & Adversaries: NPCs for D&D 5th Edition3,9321513,944929.6028.2030 Mar 21
Here There Be Dragons: Unique Dragons For Your D&D Game!6,7181520,0391,335.9333.5220 Apr 21
Into the Feywild: Fey Critters For D&D 5E!5,3611518,2241,214.9329.425 May 21
Spells of the Ages: Archmagic For D&D 5th Edition5,5462226,0641,184.7321.2813 Jul 21
ZEITGEIST: Death of the Author -- An Adventure For D&D 5E5,6151515,8451,056.3335.448/3/2021
Over the Next Hill 2: 6 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game4,8771515,3621,024.1331.7524 Aug 21
Can We Keep It?11,9971446,1733,298.0725.989 May 22
Sickness & Health5,9291415,9531,139.5037.176 Jun 22
X Marks the Spot4,0561414,1161,008.2928.734 Jul 22
Til Death Do Us Part4,6582315,887690.7429.324 Aug 22
Terrible Treasures & Frightful Fables3,925168,427526.6946.5827 Oct 22
Angel’s Bacchanalia2,957209,093454.6532.5228 Nov 22
The Weather Outside Is Frghtful3923,5681412,067861.9329.5720 Dec 22
Keep Your Powder Dry8028,5671414 Mar 23
Admiral o' the High Seasunknown314,0622 Apr 12
To Slay A Dragonunknown307,5389 Aug 12
Rebuilding EN World2,3073053,7861,792.874.2914 Feb 13
ZEITGEIST AP Hardcover2,7653038,0741,269.137.2614 Jul 13
What's OLD is NEW10,8213243,7071,365.8424.768 May 14
Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD46,66931148,6974,796.6831.3925 Oct 18
A Touch of Class4,0723267,6712,114.726.025 May 17
Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing3,8183217,685552.6621.591 Dec 17
A Touch More Class11,6433294,5042,953.2512.3219 Jul 19
Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters24,95032126,6283,957.1319.7031 Jul 20
Solspace: The Spartan Gambit4,426711,4731,639.0038.589 Mar 20
Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition170,01932701,76221,930.0624.235 Nov 21
The Awfully Cheerful Engine8,9563238,0671,189.5923.5318 Jun 21
Dungeon Delver's Guide59,91935183,3575,238.7732.683 Oct 22
Gate Pass Gazette Annual 202218,1703053,9451,798.1733.689 Feb 23
Over the Next Hill (IGG)546151,20881.0045.00

Conversion rate at time of posting £1 = $1.20.​
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