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Well, my present campaign (see Sig for Story Hour) is sorta on hold- although I've still got plenty to write up so I'll continue with that. Truth be told the campaign has been going slow for a good while, although there's a very good chance we'll get back on with it sometime soon (in 2-3 months probably), and so I was casting about looking for other things D&D to do...

Then it occurred to me that I/we used to play a lot more D&D, before we started the present campaign, mostly just one-off games or else- well, a bunch of stuff- and with different players. Furthermore because I'm an anally retentive bugger I realised I still have all my notes from these sessions- I'm an obsessive note-taker.

So, quick as a flash, I got together another bunch of players and we got back to playing one-off style games, like we did before.

This then is not so much a Story Hour, not in the sense that it's a narrative from the players or DMs POV, but rather a bunch of notes and tall tales, encompassing much of the action, about the games we played- from before we started the present campaign, and since we've been on hold.

I've decided to call this series- Let's Play [Insert Name of Scenario] because it sounds good(-ish).

The other positive thing about me stumbling upon all these notes is that I've also been able to get back in touch with a few players from back then, several of them have returned to the table, odd-shaped dice in hand, ready to kick ass once more.

The next post will hopefully contain a list of the various Let's Play scenarios we've been through, with links to where to find them, as and when I complete them of course.

As always if you have any comments then don't hesitate to get involved.

I guess this Story Hour collection will serve as a what we got up to kind of thing- I'm not sure it'll prove that helpful to everyone, particularly in light of the arrival of D&D Next, what with it being 4e based. Hopefully you'll find something in here to amuse you, and if you’ve played or read the scenarios in question then maybe it’ll make you smile in places.

Oh, last thing, looking through these then I may have posted some, or all, of the first few stories previously, but (from memory) in a different form- I was obsessed at one time in tracking down the ‘grind’ gene sometimes prevalent in 4e. I think I posted the statistics from several of these stories- a crazy ass splodge of numbers, who hit who and how many times with whatever attack… Forgive me.

So here’s the actual stories/write ups.

Cheers Goonalan
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The 'Let's Play' scenarios-

#1 WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)- ON HOLD*

#2 Goodman Games DCC53 Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)- COMPLETE

#3 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)- ON HOLD*
#4 Goodman Games DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)- COMPLETE

#5 Dungeon Scales of War Part 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Level 1)- COMPLETE

#6 WOTC DMG The Kobold Hall (Level 1)- COMPLETE

#7 WOTC FreeRPGDay Into the Shadowhaunt (Level 1)- POSTING

#8 WOTC H3 The Pyramid of Shadows (Level 7)- ON HOLD*
#9 Goodman Games DCC55 The Isle of the Sea Drake (Level 1)- POSTING

Also why not check out our main campaign starring the HARD CORE adventurers, they too are heading through the WOTC core adventures...

#100 HARD CORE WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)- POSTING

*I'm not going to post the action from these scenarios here yet because I have a story hour here already, see my sig for details, which details the exploits of my present campaign- which is based on this series of adventures.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

[sblock=Sellswords of Punjar]


PC's (Mostly Pre-gens scrounged from somewhere)
Corrin Reedson, Male Halfling Paladin of Tymora 1
Riardon Brightvale, Male Eladrin Ranger 1
Erais the Sunlord, Male Human Cleric of Amaunator 1
Scurvy Dyk, Male Dwarf Rogue 1
Skamos Redmoon, Male Tiefling Wizard 1

Back in Fallcrest, after an hour or so at the Inn the fledgling adventuring party have got themselves hired- they have been employed to investigate the Beggars Guild, it seems shadows haunt the streets after dark around Cutpurse Alley, several citizens have just vanished in the night. The Fallcrest City Watch want to know what's going on, and they don't want to upset the balance, the Beggars Guild is a powerful entity, the Watch therefore needs a third (and expendable) party to check things out- enter the PCs.

Each of the PCs knows some rumour about the Beggars Guild, or else their locale, they quickly decide to share their knowledge-

The Beggar King rules the Beggars Guild with an iron hand, the shadowy slayers that haunt the place are the ghosts of dead Thieves, slain when the Beggars forcibly moved the Thieves Guild out many years ago.

The Beggar King has been hiring mercenaries of late to fight his battles for him, something strange is afoot.

The Beggar King and his cohort dabble in Dark Magic, they have conjured some foul plague creature that haunts the streets nearby at night.

The Beggar King's Throne Room contains all manner of deadly traps, only those that are invited in are (mostly) seen again.

A living creature made from smoke lairs within the Beggar King's domain, this foul miasma can strip a man's flesh from his bones in the blinking of an eye.

A little while later, fortified by strong drink the adventurers head out to Cutpurse Alley...

Remember this is a one-off game played to kill time- not a complex campaign etc. with more time we would have done a lot more RP to gain the rumours above, as it was the players rolled a die and I handed out torn off strips of paper, one each.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

The Characters

Corrin Reedson
(Played by Iain)
Male Halfling Paladin of Tymora Level 1
HP 27 Surges 11
AC 20 Fort 13 Ref 14 Will 14
Str 14 Con 12 Dex 12 Int 9 Wis 16 Cha 16
Short Sword & Throwing Hammer
Trained Skills: Diplomacy, Heal, Insight & Religion
Feats & Class Features: Bold, Lost in the Crowd, Nimble Reaction, Small Size.
At Will- Bolstering Strike, Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Lay on Hands.
Encounter- Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle, Channel Divinity: Divine Strength, Second Chance, Shielding Smite.
Daily- On Pain of Death.

Riardon Brightvale
(Played by James)
Male Eladrin Ranger Level 1
HP 23 Surges 6
AC 17 Fort 13 Ref 15 Will 13
Str 14 Con 11 Dex 18 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha 10
Longbow & Longsword
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Nature, Perception & Stealth.
Feats & Class Features: Defensive Mobility, Eladrin Will, Hunter's Quarry, Lethal Hunter.
At Will- Careful Attack, Nimble Strike.
Encounter- Fey Step, Fox's Cunning.
Daily- Split the Tree.

Erais the Sunlord
(Played by Paul)
Male Human Cleric of Amaunator Level 1
HP 24 Surges 8
AC 16 Fort 13 Ref 12 Will 17
Str 14 Con 12 Dex 10 Int 12 Wis 18 Cha 12
Mace & Dagger
Trained Skills: Arcana, Heal, History, Insight & Religion
Feats & Class Features: Channel Divinity: Power of Amaunator, Human Perserverance, Ritual Casting.
At Will- Lance of Faith, Priest's Shield, Sacred Flame
Encounter- Cause Fear, Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune, Channel Divinity: Power of Amaunator, Channel Divinity: Turn Undead, Healing Word.
Daily- Cascade of Light.

Scurvy Dyk
(Played by Becky)
Male Dwarf Rogue Level 1
HP 24 Surges 7
AC 15 Fort 13 Ref 15 Will 11
Str 16 Con 12 Dex 16 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 12
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception & Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery.
Feats & Class Features: Cast Iron Stomach, Dwarven Resilience, First Strike, Improved Initiative, Rogue Tactics- Brutal Scoundrel, Rogue Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack, Stand Your Ground,
At Will- Acrobatic Strike, Riposte Strike.
Encounter- Sly Lunge.
Daily- Blinding Barrage.

Skamos Redmoon
(Played by Dave)
Male Tiefling Wizard Level 1
HP 20 Surges 6
AC 15 Fort 10 Ref 15 Will 13
Str 10 Con 10 Dex 14 Int 20 Wis 9 Cha 12
Trained Skills: Arcana, History, Nature & Stealth.
Feats & Class Features: Arcane Implement Mastery: Wand of Accuracy, Bloodhunt, Cantrips, Fire Resistance, Infernal Wrath, Ritual Casting, Skill Training: Stealth, Spellbook.
At Will- Ghost Sound, Magic Missile, Light, Mage Hand, Scorching Burst.
Encounter- Force Orb, Infernal Wrath.
Daily- Acid Arrow & Sleep.

Four of the five characters are Pre-gens with a little bit of fixing here and there, I’ve no idea from where, as I’ve stated previously this was all about us just getting down and dirty, getting in to the game.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

Session 1.

Encounter #1 Cutpurse Alley- Area 1-1 The Gate of Shade.

[sblock=The Map]

The Gate is area 1-1 on the map.​


The alley is blocked by a great gate, it looks... dangerous.

[sblock=The Gate]


Scurvy checks out the gate, no flies on this Dwarf- the lock is trapped, he goes to climb over, but hang on- it's trapped on top also.

With the help of Arcana checks from his companions, Scurvy disables the spring-loaded maw trap on the lock, set to crush a man's hand.

Then after more wise words from his fellow adventurers (more Arcana checks) Scurvy disables the spike trap atop the gate.

All that remains is to pick the lock.

This takes another 30 minutes, after a series of seven rolls below ‘8’, eventually the gate swings open and a red-faced Scurvy creeps on down the alley.

XP 525 Level 1 Encounter
Demon Maw Trap Level 9 Warder (400 XP)
Spike Gate Trap Level 2 Lurker (125 XP)
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

Session 1.

Encounter #2 Cutpurse Alley- Area 1-2 Watchers in the Mist.

[sblock=The Map]

The fight takes place on the roof of area 1-2 & 1-12 on the map.​


Scurvy & Skamos head down the dark and dirty alley, being very quiet. Scurvy spots a pair of guards on a nearby roof- they’re in an ideal position to fire down on those that would approach, the pair don’t like the odds and so head back to report to their fellows.

The gang make their way back out of the alley and a little way away, and then quietly as they can climb onto the roof of a half-ruined slum dwelling, on the same side as the guards.

Scurvy, Riardon & Skamos move closer in, again staying silent (with good rolls so far).

The sneaky trio listen in, as best they can as the rain beats down, to the bawdy, and crude, tales of the disheveled and despicable scumbag guards- they now count five guards, that’s one each.

Corrin and Erais are still a little way back; they daren’t sneak any further forward as they’re armour clad and therefore noisy buggers.

The adventurers have still not been spotted, so… they launch their attacks.

[sblock=On the Roof]


The Bad Guys are... 500 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Human Sentry Level 1 Skirmisher x5

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Scurvy and Riardon attack the nearest sentry, bloodying him in an instant- their attacks are timed to coincide with Skamos’ call, which coincidentally occurs at the very moment the guards are closest together.

Skamos’ Scorching Burst catches all of them, leaving the sentry already injured staggering and singed, the other four just singed.

Note three of Skamos’ attack rolls were ‘20’- that’s something I’ve not seen before, although at first level a ‘20’ only generates 11 points of Fire damage each- but still, that’s enough, the encounter is almost over before it’s begun. I have to deliver a stern warning to several players for excessive giggling- this is serious stuff.

Erais and Corrin move a little closer to the action, on the off chance one of them will get to draw their swords before it’s all over.

The guards quickly organise themselves and start the fight back, drawing short swords and trying to form a defensive line- things don’t go to plan for them however. The badly singed guard is no longer up for the fight, he tries to get the hell out of dodge, Scurvy stabs him in the back and cuts him down.

The four remaining guards press the attack- all aiming for their closest opponent, Scurvy; the result of which is the dwarf takes a couple of minor wounds, and hits back with his Riposte Strike bloodying another.

Erais chants and mumbles and points at a guard, the unfortunate fellow juggles his sword in a panic as the Sunlord’s Cause Fear spell strikes, and then flees at speed- attempting to leap across the alley to safety on the far side.

He fails, and falls, landing sprawled in the alley with a thud.

He stirs and moans. Surprisingly, he’s still alive- just.

For good measure the priest taps Scurvy on the back and the dwarf’s wounds instantly heal over.

Riardon suddenly appears on the far side of the sentries, using his Fey Step, bow at the ready he launches an arrow and bloodies yet another.

Skamos skitters up to the peak of the roof for a better view, and then hurls down a Force Orb in to the midst of the now panicking sentries, the orb shatters and explodes- battering the three remaining guards- two are left lurching- trying to muster the strength to go on, the third flops to the floor and then slides down and off the roof- dead.

Two down.

Corrin, at last, arrives at the scene- the halfling paladin calls out a Divine Challenge to one of the two remaining miscreants on the roof, but then alas follows up with a wayward attack.

The last two guards have seen enough, they throw down their swords and swiftly surrender.

The straggler in the alley meantime slowly lurches to his feet, looks up in time to see his compatriots’ capitulation and half-staggers half-rushes to a previously hidden door in the shadows of the alley. Scurvy is the only one of the adventurers to spot the foul fellow. The dwarf rogue has just one chance, his dagger flies- and cuts the guard down dead.

Three down

500XP Level 1 Encounter.
Human Sentries Level 1 Skirmisher x5

Comment: Professional job by the players, and already they like their new PCs, and adventuring in the city, the atmosphere is somehow easier to generate around the table. Also it helped with the roleplay that the Sentries were Human, I could therefore play on stereotypes and have them shout weird and wonderful insults at the PCs.

A minor Skill Challenge (improvised) follows as the PCs tie and gag the two guards and get them to tell all that they know about what lies beyond. The door in the alley leads to the Bazaar of the Bizarre, a shop, of sorts, for down-and-outs, and the way into the Beggar King's domain. The shop is run by Arthuro the Fence, and a couple of hired ruffians, other than that the Sentries know little else of import. The PCs leave the two prisoners to sit and soak in the rain- time to consider where they went wrong in life.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

Session 1.

Encounter #3 Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre.

[sblock=The Map]

The Bazaar of the Bizarre is located in area 1-4 of the map.​


The adventurers burst in to the Bazaar, a musty and foul-smelling curiosity shop- stuffed with shelves and racks full of all manner of street ‘found’ junk. They get all agitated- offering those spotted within (two swarthy-looking ruffians) a way out- leave now or face the consequences. Erais gets particularly angsty, lots of stuff about 'letting Amaunator's Light into their dark and hideous souls'.

There follows a short chat in which the adventurers are likewise invited to leave, only not so politely put, something to do with 'sex' and 'travel'. By this time a ratty fellow has sorta appeared on the scene, the guys can't see Arthuro the Fence- he's hidden in a doorway behind the Bazaar's counter, but they can hear him whispering instructions to the two ruffians.

It gets to fighting very quickly.

The Bad Guys... 425 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Skamos slams a Magic Missile in to one of the ruffians, and then scurries away to hide behind an over-stuffed shelf. Riardon meantime pins the other with an arrow.

A ‘20’ from Riardon, this time for 22 points of damage and the Human Tough is almost bloodied in an instant.

The two ruffians gang up on Corrin but the halfling paladin keeps them at bay, although he fails to land an attack of his own.

Scurvy looks for a better position, for which read safer and away from the bad guys, the dwarf tries to climb one of the racks stuffed with all manner of guff- the Bazaar’s wares. Alas a shelf snaps and Scurvy almost falls, he has to search for a new hiding place.

Erais meanwhile goes looking for the whispering Arthuro, eventually spies the dishevelled rogue and moves forward, the Sunlord is caught by Arthuro’s thrown dagger en route.

Skamos, still in hiding, throws another Force Orb in to the mix- timing it perfectly to hit both of the ruffians, they’re bloodied, one of them staggering and on his last legs- Riardon fires again and takes him down.

The remaining ruffian begins screaming for someone called ‘TIMMY!’, then dodges forward and menaces Corrin with his mace, the halfling paladin avoids the attack more by luck than judgement, courtesy of his Second Chance power.

Scurvy catches Arthuro with a thrown dagger, the fence takes up his compatriots call- ‘TIMMY!’, then dodges back behind the counter, and out of the action.

Corrin slices the remaining ruffian, who is now battered and bloodied- and not long for this world.

Fire erupts around Arthuro, leaving the counter blackened and smouldering; the beggar rogue however is too quick and escapes Erais’ Sacred Flame.

Skamos gestures and points and another Magic Missile flies from his hand, this time aimed at Arthuro- but the rogue is too quick again, he dodges back out of danger.

Dave, who plays Skamos, was given the choice of either the auto hit Magic Missile or else the roll to hit variant, he chose the latter- it does more damage.

Riardon’s bow sings and the remaining ruffian flops to the floor dead.

Emboldened, mostly by a lack of other enemies, Scurvy leaps on to the counter and swishes his blade at Arthuro- and again the rogue is much too quick. Arthuro, all the while, continues to scream for ‘TIMMY!’

And sure enough, Timmy appears.

A curtain is thrust aside and squelching from a small muddy looking store chamber comes the aforementioned (actually aforescreamed) Timmy, an Otyugh- a small and ancient-looking foul smelling squat tentacled aberration.

NEW Bad Guys... 600 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


Timmy closes fast on Erais then lashes out, the Sunlord ducks just in time. Corrin sees his opportunity and closes in on the foul beast, issuing his Divine Challenge to the noisome creature. The halfling paladin cuts hard but Timmy easily keeps the little fellow at bay.

Scurvy is momentarily distracted by the new arrival- Arthuro strikes with his Easy Target attack and almost bloodies the dwarf, slashing at his legs and leaving Scurvy hobbling on the counter.

Erais fires off another Sacred Flame, this time at Timmy- the spell misses, scorching a bunch of the stuff on the shelves instead.

Skamos continues to stay out of the way, he fires off a pair of Magic Missiles (with an Action Point- the PCs have two each at this juncture), although only one of which hits Timmy, the scabby Otyugh doesn’t even flinch.

Riardon moves to get a clear shot and fires, and then fires again- he follows Skamos’ lead (another Action Point), his bow thrums but again only one of the missiles connects, Timmy shudders once and then gets back to flailing at Corrin.


Scurvy lashes out at Arthuro, again to no effect, and then sucks up the hurt- the dwarf’s wounds close over as he gets his Second Wind.

Corrin and Timmy continue to slash and slap at each other frantically- alas neither is blessed with the finesse needed to connect.

Erais shoots a beam of radiant light, a Lance of Faith, at Timmy- it too hits wide of the spot, scorching the curtains behind the Otyugh.

Skamos and Riardon continue to fire in to the melee, as targets present themselves, both are however bad shots- or so it seems.

Scurvy slashes again at Arthuro, but again the grinning rogue is too quick for the dwarf, the fence slashes back with an Acrobatic Strike. He tumbles on to the counter and is deftly on his feet- facing off against Scurvy, who staggers back blood gushing from his wound.

Scurvy is bloodied in an instant, caught by Arthuro’s critical hit.

Timmy lashes out with a meaty tentacle and catches the less than agile Corrin, scooping the slight halfling up in to the air and crushing the life out of him.

Corrin instantly strikes back, twice- in quick succession (another Action Point) but fails to connect with either of his attacks.

Erais mumbles and chants, seconds later the grinning Arthuro suddenly looks terrified, overcome with fear the rogue leaps from the counter, taking a stab to the hand from Scurvy as he departs at speed. The keeper of the Bazaar dashes for a set of stairs, he rushes up them taking three steps at a time gibbering and wailing like it’s the end of the world.

Erais grins, then sprints forward to lay a hand on Scurvy’s bloody slashed legs- the dwarf’s wounds, once again, heal over.

Skamos and Riardon fire again, and this time… both missiles run true. Timmy staggers back, almost dropping Corrin, the ancient Otyugh makes rasping squelching sounds and bleeds profusely, finally bloodied.

Scurvy, reinvigorated, leaps from the counter and tumbles closer to Timmy, lashing out at the aberrant, the creature avoids the blow and back pedals furiously- heading for the scorched curtain and its muddy lair.

Corrin however has other ideas, held upside down suspended over Timmy’s head (?) the halfling lances down with his sword and buries six inches of the radiant blade in to the beast’s brain.

Timmy slowly, and in stages, collapses- Corrin staggers free of the Otyugh’s grasp and gets to his feet grinning.

Just in time to hear Erais shout, the Sunlord points back up the stair, rushing down the steps are several mangy humans, dressed in what look to be dog-skins.

The Dog Brothers are in to the action.

NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1100 XP Level 5 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


This is the encounter that keeps on giving…

Skamos peeks out from his hiding place and makes frantic shapes with his hands, seconds later flame erupts in the stairway, the first four Dog Brothers are caught in his Scorching Burst, their flea-infested skins and hides are crisped and burnt, as is their flesh.

The Dog Brother at the head of the queue staggers forward and takes an arrow to the shoulder, from Riardon, he leaps the counter- continues on and cuts hard at Skamos who ducks behind a set of shelves just in time.

The second Dog Brother charges at Erais and stabs the Sunlord in his side. Erais is bloodied.

The third makes the bottom of the stairs and then spins out a dagger, which fortunately sails well wide of the Sunlord.

The last two Dog Brothers, snarling all the way, continue to scramble down the stairs and in to the action.

Suddenly there’s a loud foetid squelching parp, back in the curtained doorway Timmy’s corpse explodes sending wobbling chunks of foul flesh all over the chamber- squirming in the wreck of the beast are a clutch of foot long grey maggots.

Two of the foul worms crawl forward, with surprising speed; in search of food- they find Corrin.

NEW NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1150 XP Level 5 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x2

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


The halfling paladin slices one of the maggots in two, avoids the others flailing bite and rushes to Erais-

“Fight on my friend.”

Corrin declares, his touch brings new strength to the Sunlord as he Lays On Hands.

Scurvy slashes at the nearest Dog Brother- already scorched the foul human staggers back bloodied. Erais targets the same fellow; his Sacred Flame alas is awry, so he follows up with a Lance of Faith (another Action Point) and scorches a hole in the middle of the miscreant’s head.

Erais uses his Power of Amuanator to deliver six extra points of radiant damage and secure the kill.

Arthuro, unseen by any of the adventurers, peeks through the curtains at the top of the stairs; he seems to be grinning, enjoying the show.

Skamos scarpers, ducking and dodging a Dog Brother’s blade, the tiefling fires off another Scorching Burst at the last two Dog Brothers just getting in to the action, the one already scorched burns some more and staggers, bloodied.

Riardon sights the Dog Brother formerly menacing Skamos, he aims and fires, his arrow lodges in the mangy human’s neck- blood spurts and the foul fellow dies.

Another ‘20’ from Riardon, the ranger has his eye in.

The curtain at the top of the stairs is suddenly ripped aside; standing silhouetted there is Irocar, the Dog Brother’s leader. The war captain has his longbow in hand, he aims and fires, the arrow thuds in to Skamos’ shoulder, the tiefling strangles his cry, bloodied.

Irocar grins and barks! Then strides down the stairs.



NEW NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1325 XP Level 6 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x2
Human, Fighter- Irocar Level 4 Soldier

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


And now we're on to a Level 6 Encounter, stick around this could get deadly- which is pretty much what I said to the players at the time.

There are three Dog Brothers left standing, although two of them are less than healthy, their leader’s arrival however lifts their spirits- the trio snap and snarl, and bark their reply.

Slightly odd.

The first Dog Brother rushes at Riardon and menaces the ranger.

The second and third head for Scurvy, the dwarf rogue is suddenly and viciously outmatched- sliced and stabbed he falls.

Scurvy is on -3 hit points, the players are getting nervous.

Another pair of the grisly maggots crawl out from the wreckage of Timmy the Otyugh, that’s three now in the action.

Two of them make for Erais, they catch the Sunlord by surprise, biting and chewing on his calves, Erais screams and spins around to face them, his wounds however continue to bleed.

Erais is taking two points of ongoing damage- the Otyugh Grub’s ongoing damage stacks.

NEW NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1375 XP Level 6 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x4
Human, Fighter- Irocar Level 4 Soldier

“What’s for tea?”

Scurvy opens his eyes and asks- where is he?

A ‘20’ on Scurvy’s first Death Save.

“You’ll be getting my fist!” Arthuro shouts in reply from the top of the stairs, safe behind Irocar, the angry fence waves his fist about a bit to reinforce his point.

Corrin rushes over to the fallen Scurvy, cuts and burns with his Holy Smite the as yet uninjured Dog Brother that menaces his companion, the halfling then thumps the dwarf on the shoulder-

“Get up! Get at ‘em!”

Scurvy’s cuts and bruises once again heal over, the dwarf grins.

Erais meantime, losing blood fast, dodges back swatting without effect at the two grubs menacing him- he mutters and mumbles holy Healing Words, his wounds are almost gone.

Skamos to the rescue, the tiefling drops another Scorching Burst crisping two of the three grubs and freeing Erais from their terror. Not content Skamos mutters and points- a Magic Missile smashes in to the Dog Brother now facing off against Corrin, it too is bloodied (after another Action Point).

Riardon suddenly blinks out… and then back in again, his Fey Step positioning just in line with- Thunk, his arrow hits and the aforementioned Dog Brother is taken down.

What a team- the adventurers share a grin, as do the players.

Too soon.

Irocar takes the last few steps at a rush, spills his bow, draws his sword and charges on- arriving just in time to stab Skamos in his gut, the tiefling looks down at all the blood and the mess of his insides and then thumps to the floor- dying.

Irocar howls his delight; the two remaining Dog Brothers echo his call, and then get in to the action. The first rushes at Scurvy, who shuts his eyes, lolls his tongue out and plays dead (Bluff 21), the Dog Brother stabs out at Corrin instead but the paladin parries the blow. Scurvy winks at the now scowling halfling paladin.

The second Dog Brother catches Riardon with his blade, only a nick however- the ranger dodges back and with a Fox’s Cunning fires his bow, and misses the mangy human from point blank range.

And yet another pair of the grisly maggots exit Timmy’s carcass- one makes for Erais, bites the Sunlord, and menaces him further. The second gets Corrin’s attention in a similar manner, the halfling looks horrified as his wound pulses blood- he’s bloodied.

The last maggot bites in to one of the Dog Brothers, no-one in the Bazaar is safe from these monstrosities.

NEW NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1425 XP Level 6 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x6
Human, Fighter- Irocar Level 4 Soldier

“Ha ha!”

Scurvy leaps to his feet and stabs out at the Dog Brother he hoodwinked earlier in to believing he was dead- he almost spills his blade- that’s not right.

He tries again (courtesy of an Action Point) and this time does indeed drop his dagger.

Well, that was a ‘1’ followed by a ‘1’, nice attack rolls.

Arthuro meanwhile moves a little way down the stairs, readying his dagger, the fence however keeps his distance, content to shout and offer advice.

“Scrag ‘im Irocar!”


“Stab ‘im in ‘is crown jewels!”

Corrin meanwhile is all action, he calls the closest Dog Brother to him out with his Divine Challenge, stabs the fiend with his holy blade, leaving the forlorn soldier stumbling and tripping over his own feet. Corrin stretches and reaches down- tags Skamos, the tiefling’s eyes flutter open- he’s alive.

The halfling is still not content, he takes a moment to settle his own nerves; he gets his Second Wind (after an Action Point) and readies himself for more action.

Erais extricates himself from the battle, although the Sunlord is stabbed in the process, he weaves his hands and chants solemnly, suddenly Irocar is bathed in a Cascade of Light, which burns. The Dog Brother champion screams.

Irocar’s hit for 23 points of radiant damage by Erais’ Daily power.

But like Corrin, Erais isn’t finished, a Lance of Faith strikes Irocar next, scorching him further. Irocar has to grab at the counter for support- he’s bloodied.

Skamos clambers to his feet, using the shelves for support, he finds himself much too close to the action and decides quickly not to get involved, he takes a moment to catch his breath and get his Second Wind.

Riardon shifts back a step, sites his bow precisely and fires, the second to last Dog Brother succumbs to his wounds and flops to the floor.

“Fight me!”

Riardon declares and pointedly stares at Irocar.

Irocar grins, lashes out his blade at Skamos and cuts deep, re-opening the tiefling’s freshly healed wounds; Skamos looks dizzy for a moment and then slumps back down to the floor again. Irocar’s blade continues its arc and bites in to Corrin- the paladin doesn’t look happy, whereas the Dog Brother leader looks ecstatic- he’s Unstoppable.

Irocar uses his Unstoppable power to gain 13 temporary hit points.

The last Dog Brother stabs at Scurvy, alas he’s still subject to Corrin’s Divine Challenge, he burns even as he misses with his blade, and has to grab on to Irocar just to stay on his feet.

But not for long… a stray squirming grub bites a great gaping hole in his right kneecap, the Dog Brother concertinas and collapses- dead.

And yet another pair of the grisly grubs exit Timmy, there are now five of these foul worms crawling around the Bazaar taking chunks out of the combatants.

NEW NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1475 XP Level 6 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x8
Human, Fighter- Irocar Level 4 Soldier

This fact is brought home to the adventurers when two of the foul creatures manage again to tear chunks from Erais’ legs, the Sunlord staggers also.

Scurvy grabs out two of his daggers and launches them in a Blinding Barrage; the first just nicks Arthuro, the second catches Irocar in the forehead leaving a great bloody rent in his scalp. Blinded by the blood the Dog Brother leader flails wildly with his blade.

Scurvy judges his moment, leaps from the counter and buries yet another of his daggers deep in to Irocar’s chest (after an Action Point), only his determination keeps Irocar alive.

That’s enough for Arthuro, the fence hot foots it down the rest of the stairs and in to a nearby chamber- frantic noises issue from within, he seems to be engaged in making his exit.

Corrin smartly salutes Irocar, he challenges him, and then less than a second later skewers the last of the Dog Brothers with his blade- Irocar is dead.

Erais meanwhile screams for help, and forlornly swats ineffectively at the grubs menacing him.

Skamos coughs up a great gout of blood, the tiefling’s eyes are still tight shut.

That’s a failed Death Save.

Riardon heads behind the counter, away from the grubs- where’s Arthuro gone, he spies the fence climbing out of a window in what looks to be a bedroom, presumably his. Riardon’s bow sings and an arrow thuds in to the woodwork next to the fence’s hand, Arthuro jumps with surprise and falls out of the window- thumping in to the alley hard and knocking the wind out of him.

The grisly grubs menace the remaining adventurers- the result of which is Scurvy is bitten twice and left staggering from blood loss, Erais is bitten only once but with the same result- the pair are nearly out for the count.

Erais manages however to kill one of the worms, Corrin and Scurvy miss their targets- things are getting desperate, it doesn’t help that all three of the adventurers are still bleeding profusely.

And the last two grubs exit Timmy and creep in to play.

That’s five of the Otyugh Grubs still left crawling around the Bazaar.

NEW NEW NEW Bad Guys... 1525 XP Level 7 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x10
Human, Fighter- Irocar Level 4 Soldier

And now we’re in a Level 7 encounter.

Skamos continues to cough up blood, as he fails his second Death Save in a row.

Dave, who plays Skamos, looks like thunder- there’s a lot of nervous laughter around the table.

Riardon rushes back in to the Bazaar- abandoning his pursuit of Arthuro, he fires at a grub- and misses.

The grubs however continue to bring the pain; Corrin is bitten twice, Erais and Scurvy once each. Corrin and Scurvy are dizzy and light-headed, Erais is too far gone- the Sunlord collapses.

Erais is on -1 hit point, and I’m trying to help the guys here- the Otyugh Grubs are now moving randomly, overwhelmed by all the flesh that’s available for them to feast on. On their turns the grubs slither away from their previous attacker set to find a new foe- thus ensuring the adventurers get myriad attacks of opportunity against them as they depart. The guys miss every one of these- the grubs are AC 15- not impossible to hit.

It’s all too much for Scurvy, the dwarf suddenly sags and collapses from blood loss.

Ongoing damage reduces Scurvy to 0 hit points.

Meantime Arthuro, now on the outside of the Bazaar, picks himself up and flees back down the alley and out in to the night.

Corrin cuts one of the grubs down- the halfling however almost collapses from the strain of his actions.

Skamos chokes, one last time, on his blood- and dies.

Third Death Save failed in a row.

Dave gets up, without saying a word... and goes home.

Riardon shoots and kills one of the grisly grubs- there are just three of them left, however he attracts their attention, a pair of the foul creatures scuttle over and bite the eladrin ranger.

Corrin battles the other grub; the titanic struggle is a stalemate for now.

Scurvy suddenly moans as his body shudders.

The dwarf fails his first Death Save.

Riardon dodges back and fires again, another grub is sent to hell- just two left, alas both the survivors are on target, Riardon and Corrin are bitten again, the former now bloodied, the later- Corrin, barely hanging on.

It doesn’t help that the halfling misses the mark with his sword, and is still bleeding from his wounds.

Corrin is on one hit point.

Quietly, in a corner, Erais lays still- the colour suddenly fades from his face- the Sunlord is overcome by a deathly pallor.

Erais fails his first Death Save- he’s also still taking ongoing damage.

Riardon scuttles back some more, and then fluffs his shot; the grisly grub closes him down and rips another mouthful of flesh from one of his legs.

The grey maggot facing the staggering Corrin is likewise on target, the halfling stumbles, and then tumbles- the paladin is dying.

There’s just Riardon left (on five hit points), and two grubs of course.

Scurvy continues to convulse, if anything the shuddering gets worse.

That’s a second failure on his Death Save for the dwarf.

Riardon shuffles back some more, this time takes a moment to suck in air, the ranger gets his Second Wind, fortune favours the eladrin as at that exact moment all his wounds cease to bleed.

It doesn’t last, the grisly grub bites again, and Riardon bleeds afresh.

Corrin suddenly yelps, an unnerving sound, the paladin mumbles half-formed words, Erais looks paler still- his blood seems to be flowing away from all of his extremities, his hands are cold white and lifeless.

Corrin fails his first Death Save, Erais his second, the pair are also still taking ongoing damage.

Is it all going to end here?

Riardon, on his own now, shuffles back again to give himself the room he needs and fires again- the second to last grisly maggot is spiked by the ranger’s arrow- dead. The eladrin tries to keep the last grub at bay by kicking out at it, the creature writhes and lurches but fails to land its attack.

Riardon calmly takes another step back, almost on to the stairs now, and fires.

The last grub dies.

No time to lose!

The eladrin rushes over to the still convulsing Scurvy, who at Riardon’s first touch instantly calms, or else… no pulse, the dwarf is dead.

Scurvy fails his third Death Save.

Corrin yelps again, mumbles wildly- Riardon rushes over, he must be able to save the halfling.

Corrin fails his second Death Save.

The eladrin is quickly to work, Corrin is still alive- there’s a chance… and so it proves, seconds later Riardon grins, the halfling paladin’s pulse is strong and stable.

No time to celebrate, Riardon rushes around the bazaar and finally locates Erais, the priest.

He gets to work, moments later the Sunlord stirs.

Two PCs dead, one player gone home- a level 7 encounter bested, and two-and-a-half hours for the encounter, and at no point did it feel like grind.

1525 XP Level 7 Encounter.
Human Tough Level 2 Brute x2
Human Rogue, Arthuro the Fence Level 4 Skirmisher
Old Otyugh, Timmy! Level 4 Soldier
Human Dog Brothers Level 1 Skirmisher x5
Otyugh Grub Level 1 Minion x10
Human, Fighter- Irocar Level 4 Soldier

Comment: And with that we call an end to the first session, certainly the last battle was titanic, it's a shame Skamos and Scurvy were killed but the PCs kinda got lost in the middle of the fracas. There were opportunities in which they could have edged back to a choke point; and when the grubs were about simply moved to higher ground, they instead seemed content to go toe-to-toe with an ever increasing number of bad guys. In part this was due to the slow feed of enemies into the mix, had the monsters all come at once then perhaps the PCs would have recognised the problem sooner, as it was- in a compact combat, they were often isolated and left to fend for themselves.

The first session took a little over three-and-a-half hours to play out; two combat encounters, although the above was a brute, and one trap encounter. The PCs will address the situation they're in next session- only three of them left and with very limited resources.

As for Dave, well we can only hope.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

Session 2.

Encounter #4 Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre (and other places).

[sblock=The Map]

The Bazaar of the Bizarre is located in area 1-4 of the map.​


Encounter #4 Area 1-4 Bazaar of the Bizarre (and other places).

Dave (Skamos) has not returned, although he may be back some time in the future, I/we hope.

We’re down to three PCs- Corrin, Riardon and Erais, the guys are also in a precarious situation- basically lodged in the Bazaar of the Bizarre, the front door to the Beggar King's hideout. They have a plan though.

First off, after a little light looting, the PCs hide the bodies of the fallen, then they lock the door to the Bazaar, and board up the windows, placing a crudely written sign “closed due to infection” on the exterior, that should buy them some time. Riardon and Erais take a short rest, while Corrin is sent out into the city to gather some fresh blood, by which I mean new adventurers.

While the paladin’s gone Erais & Riardon check the Bazaar over and find all manner of good stuff (actually Riardon finds all of it)- a +2 Cloak of Resistance, a set of Masterwork Lockpicks, a Potion of Healing & a +1 Magic Wand. Although Erais does his fair share of the hard work, identifying the magical powers of all of the items found- save the Lockpicks.

Riardon's sporting a beautiful +2 Cloak of Resistance.​

Erais also finds a secret chamber in Arthuro's bedroom, with a very fancy looking chest in it; the pair decide to wait to see if Corrin turns up with someone capable of opening the thing.

Two hours later Corrin returns-

Enter Kathra (Scurvy's cousin) a Level 1 Dwarven Fighter, out for revenge; and Tira Duskmeadow a Level 1 Half-Elven Warlock, who dabbles in most things, including Thievery- she's given the Masterwork Lockpicks, and the +1 Wand, although Erais insists these are only on loan until she proves her worth.

Then Erais shoves Tira towards the chest and tells her to 'get on with it.'

The façade of the chest is quickly removed, beneath it are seven drawers, each locked (possibly) and trapped (very possibly)

Drawer #1 Tira confirms is not trapped- FOOM, a poison needle jets out of the keyhole and lodges in her cloak, it doesn't break her skin- Tira smiles weakly. After a further 30 minutes of trying (6 Thievery Skill Checks) drawer one is abandoned, it simply cannot be opened.

Erais and the others don't look that convinced.

Drawer #2 isn’t trapped, but it is locked- Tira opens it first time- empty, damn.

Drawer #3 is likewise not trapped, and is eventually unlocked ten minutes later, 2 vials of Deathjump Spider Venom are within, Tira identifies the stuff.

Drawer #4 is also not trapped, Tira's convinced, right up to the point a Spear shoots out and slams into her chest. After a short rest and a further 15 minutes of tinkering she gets the drawer open, there’s a +1 Short Sword within, Corrin takes it.

Corrin feels mucho macho with his new +1 Short Sword.​

There follows a short, but sometimes heated, conversation- Tira is not entirely happy with the present situation, finally it’s agreed that all of the adventurers will help to look for traps on the drawers.

Drawer #5 it is agreed by all present is not trapped. Tira opens it first time, there’s money within- a pile of gold and silver, the find is divided out.

Drawer #6 is 100% certain not trapped, confirmed again by all of the adventurers. Tira goes to open it and a Scything Blade lashes out nearly removing her left hand. Tira’s not happy again, another meeting is called.

After protracted negotiations Tira is back on the job, the +1 Magic Wand is hers to keep if she will continue on and open the remaining drawers- she’s on it.

Although, after another 30 minutes (and 6 more Thievery Skill Checks) Tira gives up, she cannot open drawer #6, she moves on.

Drawer #7 it is agreed by all present, once again, is definitely not trapped. Tira opens in ten minutes, there’s more poison and a supply of needles within.

Tira takes possession of the Wand and the Lockpicks, she’s earned them.

Tira takes possession of a +1 Wand, after stamping her feet a lot.​

The adventurers settle down and take an hour or so to get to know each other; Corrin, Erais and Riardon also explain all that has happened so far in this place- soon after Tira and Kathra are up to speed with events.

After the extended chat Tira tries again to open drawers #1 & #6 in the chest, nope (she fails on three further checks for each).

475 XP Level 1 Encounter
Traps on Chest- Poison Needle Trap Level 6 Warder
Traps on Chest- Spear Trap Level 1 Warder
Traps on Chest- Scything Blade Level 2 Warder
No XP for the other traps as they didn't bother checking for traps.

It’s time to move on…

The adventurers head upstairs and into Irocar and the Dog Brothers filthy quarters- a few silvers are found and an abundance of empty bottles of rotgut.

There’s nowhere else to go however…

That is until Erais finds a secret door, the Sunlord drags it opens and a spear shoots out buries itself in his chest.

The secret door is quickly shut again, while Erais gets his breath back and cures his wounds, during the stop it is decided that the Dog Brother’s quarters should be given a thorough search- there may be other traps or secrets still to find is the consensus.

And oddly, so it proves.

Erais spots a loose brick inside the chimney flue, he's a very perceptive Priest, he removes the brick- there’s a box within the hole which he drags out, it takes a bit of doing- it seems to be stuck, moments later the chimney collapses on him…

After another short rest Erais has calmed down enough to move on.

The box meanwhile has been thoroughly examined, unlocked and untrapped, within are the Priest’s just rewards- 5 Potions of Healing, some money, 4 silver spear heads & a +1 Holy Symbol of Battle.

Erais is quietly confident with his new +1 Holy Symbol of Battle.​

There's also still a +1 Bastard Sword, looted from Irocar, to distribute- although no one present can wield it.

That’s enough for now, the adventurers decide on a full rest, a guard is set- and precariously balanced piles of noisy items placed in front of the two doors- the secret door and the exit to the alley, crude traps that will alert them if someone should attempt to enter.

The adventurers take a well-earned Extended Rest.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

Session 2.

Intro to the two new PCs-

Kathra Ironforge
(Played by... actually James and Iain (mostly) 'bot' Kathra, she's a replacement PC for Dave when (if) he returns)
Female Dwarf Fighter Level 1
HP 33 Surges 13
AC 19 Fort 16 Ref 13 Will 12
Str 16 Con 18 Dex 12 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 8
Warhammer & Throwing Axe
Trained Skills: Athletics, Heal & Streetwise.
Feats & Class Features: Cast Iron Stomach, Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Weapon Training, Stand Your Ground.
At Will- Cleave, Tide of Iron.
Encounter- Passing Attack.
Daily- Brute Strike.

Kathra is another Pre-gen character.

Tira Duskmeadow
(Played by Becky after the death of Scurvy)
Female Half-Elf Warlock Level 1
HP 28 Surges 9
AC 15 Fort 13 Ref 13 Will 15
Str 10 Con 16 Dex 11 Int 15 Wis 8 Cha 18
Dagger & +1 Magic Wand.
Trained Skills: Bluff, Insight, Streetwise & Thievery.
Feats & Class Features: Action Surge, Group Diplomacy, Fey Pact- Misty Step, Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Warlock's Curse.
At Will- Eldritch Blast, Eyebite.
Encounter- Ray of Frost, Witchfire.
Daily- Curse of the Dark Dream.

Tira is another Pre-gen character.
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Let's Play #2 Goodman Games DCC53
Sellswords of Punjar (Level 1)

Session 2.

Encounter #5 Area 1-10 The Store Room.

[sblock=The Map]

The Store Room is area 1-10 on the map.​


Fully rested, and with nowhere else to go, the adventurers head back to the secret door that Erais found and head on in- into a grimy storeroom, there's a door on the far side, the guys quietly as they can shuffle across, midway Riardon stops- points.

A rat.

And another.






You get the idea.

Moments later the adventurers are encircled by thousands of tiny pairs of eyes, glinting in the shadowy light- Swarms of Rats.

“Shhh…” Erais offers.
Corrin stares at the Sunlord.
“They may allow us to pass…” Erais finishes.

The rat swarms scurry forward and attack.

The Bad Guys are... 250 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Rat Swarm Level 2 Skirmisher x2

[sblock=The Monster Manual]


The adventurers are of course ready for them- Riardon fires his bow, Corrin and Kathra strike out with sword and hammer, Tira yells and points- fire forms, while Erais sends a burning radiant Lance of Faith in to the swarms.

It’s like an action movie.

Except that none of the attacks actually connect with the rats.

All five miss.

Moments later Kathra screams like a little girl as a swarm descends upon the dwarf and begins chewing on her lower legs.

[sblock=Rat Swarm]


The remaining four adventurers share a brief look- did that just happen?

“Kill ‘em” Corrin declares in a loud and commanding voice.

Riardon manoeuvres and fires in to a bolus of rats, at least a half-dozen of the rodents are skewered.

Rats nip and bite at Corrin, who likewise edges towards safety (surviving thanks to his Second Chance power), he slashes furiously as he goes- trying to protect Kathra with his shield- swatting at the swarm that surrounds the dwarf.

Tira Curses and blinds half of the rodents to her presence with her Eyebite attack- dulling the swarms senses, she too moves as far as she can away from the rodents.

Kathra cannot escape, she’s stuck in centre of the chamber- she bleeds, then tries to advance- back up, all to no avail, her warhammer crashes down again and again but the rats are much too fast.

Erais delivers another Lance of Faith, this time to marvellous effect scorching a swathe of rats, a critical success, the first swarm is bloodied.

Kathra continues to suffer, more bites, more blood- the dwarf staggers, bloodied. The other swarm menaces Corrin but the paladin swats wildly with his sword and keeps them at bay.

Riardon finally gets clear of the swarms, the eladrin continues to fire arrows in to the foul rodents- hitting again and again.

Corrin continues to keep the swarm that menaces him at bay, burning a few more of rats with his radiant Holy Smite.

Tira, like the ranger, is now clear of the threat- her second Eyebite however is poorly directed- and has no effect.

Which doesn’t help Kathra any, the rats are now climbing the dwarf’s legs- clinging on, biting in to her delicate parts.

The dwarf is situated within the aura of both swarms; she’s also taking ongoing damage. Kathra is quickly reduced to one hit point.

Kathra Cleaves in to her enemies, cutting a swathe through the first swarm and swatting dead several more rats in the second. Kathra sucks up the hurt and gets her Second Wind.

Erais’s third Lance of Faith runs true once more- both swarms are now bloodied, the Sunlord mutters a prayer and almost all of Kathra’s wounds are healed.

She looks mightily relieved.

However it’s Corrin’s turn to feel the hurt, the halfling’s lower limbs are bitten repeatedly, the paladin bleeds.

Riardon continues to fire arrows in to the thickest parts of the swarms, thinning them out rapidly…

“Quickly!” The ranger states, urging his fellows to increase their pace.

Corrin staggers, the rats are now seeking to swamp the halfling, to bring the paladin down- climbing his body- biting, scratching- squeaking.


Another Holy Strike, using the flat of his blade to swat and swipe the rodents from him- burning them with his blades radiant light.

Both swarms are nearly done for, on less than five hit points each.

Tira’s Cursed Eyebite comes again, and the swarm surrounding Corrin is scattered- the few rats remaining flee, the half-elf disappears in a puff of smoke, reappears a good fifteen or so feet away, courtesy of her Misty Step.

Kathra takes a few more bites but the dwarf is far from done- she thumps down her warhammer, time and time again, squashing, crushing- smashing.

The second swarm scatters.

Job done.

The adventurers breathe hard.

250 XP Level 1 Encounter
Rat Swarm Level 2 Skirmisher x2

Comment: Nasty things swarms, particularly when none of the PCs have Close or Area attacks, you just have to stand there and take it, keep dishing out half damage till they go away- particularly at close quarters.
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