Let's Play #7 4e WOTC FreeRPGDay Into the Shadowhaunt Further Adventures... WITH PICS OF THE PCs


Let's Play #7 Free RPG Day
Into The Shadowhaunt (Level 1)

The adventurers spend a little time and money over the next week or so, some of them- particularly those that saved much of their money from the last adventure, are wealthy.

Mr. Benn donates a good amount of coin to the temples of Bahamut and Pelor, particularly the latter, his deity. He is rewarded by the priests of the temple, in a short ceremony, declare Mr. Benn a defender of the faith.

Quarion meanwhile makes contact with the Shadowmen, one of the thieves’ guilds in Fallcrest- he tries hard to find employment for himself and his fellow adventurers.

A week passes, then another- mostly in inactivity, at the end of the fortnight the guys are itching to be back in action again.

But for now, all’s quiet.

The Kids are ready it seems for a full size adventure, they’ve decided that they want to roll up some new characters, this lot were pregens, the next game is for real.

These guys continue their exploits in Let’s Play #15 Menace of the Icy Spire.

See you there.
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