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LF Simple Player Square Grid Mapping for Android or Web


Rule Lawyer Groupie
Hi all,

My code-fu is fairly strong, but before I roll me an app, I'm checking if this beast exists in the wild. Not reinventing the wheel and all that.

So here are my needs:

- I'm a player and have been designated mapper for our dungeon crawling
- I'm looking for a mapping tool that is not necessarily super-realistic, but that simply allows our group not to get lost
- Maps are square grid-based
- Maps can become quite large
- Corridors can be straight, 45 degrees, or optionally cavern-like or snaking (the last 2 I can fudge with squares if needed)
- The DM uses custom maps, or maps from old Dungeon/Dragon magazines, so no player digital versions available that I could layer with fog of war and erase as I go
- Needs to be uber simple, no frills, just the corridors, stairs and doors, ma'am
- Mobile app for Android, although Web-based is acceptable if there's no other choice (needs to work with Chrome on Android)
- Must be fast and not slow down the action around the table
- Need to save the maps, reload them, and export to image that can be sent to other players

(Not a spec for the app but Experimental: Potentially I would marry this with a portable projector to make a battle map on the table when needed instead of drawing)

I've seen the tool that playest posted in this thread, and it fulfills most of these requirements, but I would appreciate if you've seen anything interesting out there.

Thanks in advance :)
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Rule Lawyer Groupie
FYI, I will be trying Dungeon Sketch, as its simplicity is appealing. It's been slightly unstable in my testing, but we'll see how it holds up around the table.

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