LFG State College PA Home brew d20 game


I am preparing to run an in-person game using a Home-brew system of my own design. It’s a d20 system designed specifically for the setting in question.

A prospective player must be able to reach Marjorie Mae off campus. The goal is to play on Friday evenings or Saturday (more flexible here).

The elevator pitch is that the world has been devastated by a series of massive wars. The game occurs almost exclusively in a colossal city of ancient prehuman origin, infested with monsters, gangs and conspiracies. Here there is an opportunity for the brave and the cunning to rise, if the whole thing is not destroyed by the echo of war.
The setting is already fairly developed thus you will get more benefit if you work with me to make your backstory so it can be tied into the events that are occurring in the city and the setting, as a whole. This is a game for heroes and light grey antiheroes, they need to be sufficiently shady that they can work with criminals at least a little, but I'm simply uninterested in running a game for people who are actually evil.
The nature of this campaign is fairly open, the first adventure is designed and some of the events occurring in the city are predetermined and will affect you in some way no matter what you do but what the game is exactly will vary.
I plan, once I have a few Players to run a session zero over zoom to make characters and get everyone on board with what they want to play

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