Lightweight metal armor?


Hello again! I have another question for the community. As I have said in another thread, I am designing my own gaming system. One problem I've been having a particularly hard time trying to solve lately is in developing a society for a race which will appear in the game (the race is unique for a few reasons; it is not the race discussed in my previous thread, in case you're wondering). While I've got a lot of the functional aspects of this society down, I'm having an extremely hard time deciding on aesthetics. In particular, I have an unfinished drawing of an "individual" of the race (individual is in quotes because they're a two-headed race, and as such each body is actually two people), and I have no idea how their armor and clothing should look.

As already stated, the race is two-headed, so that will have some impact on the look of the armor, but not much. The race itself isn't particularly strong, though also not particularly weak; a lot of their advantages in combat would come from their instinctive abilities. So the obvious type of armor would be leather or something similar right? Wrong. Long ago, this race had been forced to live underground. I'm no zoologist or botanist, but I don't imagine there'd be a lot of animals or plants useful for making clothing underground. Being underground would, however, give them a lot of access to metal deposits; thus, their clothing and armor would consist mostly of metal.

I'm no armorer, but I've always thought of metal armor as cumbersome and heavy, and thus not as good for a warrior who relies on reflexes and such. So I'm wondering: what type of mostly or entirely metal armor, if any, is considered "lightweight" while still providing protection?

And yes, I do realize that some form of padding would be needed underneath the armor. It would probably be made from something along the lines of bat hides or the hides of any animals that would have found their way into the caves. There wouldn't be much to go around, though, so the padding would probably be less than what was used in real life.
A good idea would be different version of mail armor. Some examples being chain and scale. A very nice version of scale mail is the Roman lorica pulmata. You could also consider the lorica segmentata as a cheaper easier to maintain piece for the regular military. The pulmata was traditionally for the very wealthy high ranking military leaders.


I still like the chitin idea.

Modesty clothing could be made from small (and maybe colorful) ones. Armor made by the shells of large/giant insects. Could even be part of a warrior's ritual (to obtain a large breastplate). All of them could be stitched together with sinew or metal thread.