ZEITGEIST list of monarchs of Risur?


Updated with info from replies.
The campaign docs cover 5 kings and a queen, but that's not much in a 1700 year lineage.

Timeline of Risur

-1200: Kelland founds Risur.
-???: ???
000: Dukain fights Voice of Rot in the Black Needles.
???: Romana ancestor actions unspecified.
218: Zidi Wheatling defeats Granny Alswell.
300: Boyle slays the last dragon tyrant.
350: Hibiscus of the Argent Rampant provokes 1st Yerasol War.
???: Caroline knights Dame Melissa Gahlot.
400: Lorcan Finn fights 2nd Yerasol War, defeats witches of Cauldron Hill.
4??: Melissa Gahlot actions unspecified.
457: ??? fights 3rd Yerasol War.
460: Aodhan Lesterman industrializes Flint, fights 4th Yerasol War.
501: ??? saves (or ends) the kingdom (or world).

In my campaign:
-1150: Esme formalizes the rites of succession.
100: Romana founds colonies in Elfaivar.

I'd guess that most crown successors are nominated during early to mid adulthood.
If they spend roughly the second half of their adult lifespan as monarch:

PHB Race
Human40 yvery high
Halfling60 ymedium
Half-Elf80 ymedium
Gnome160 ymedium
Elf (BOV)300 ymedium
Half-Orc30 ylow
Dwarf180 ylow

If one of each medium likelihood race were crowned BOV, that leaves about 12-16 human monarchs unaccounted.
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I believe there was a queen Zidi in there somewhere who was a halfling. And some queen named Hibiscus who came to a bad end.


To be exact, Queen Zidi Wheatling defeated Granny Allswell in the year 218 A.O.V., and Queen Hibiscus of the Argent Rampant provoked the First Yerasol War around 350 A.O.V. I believe, no other canonical names are mentioned.

Edit: Catherine Romana is mentioned to be a descendant of one of the previous queens of Risur, which maybe gives us a family name.


Oh, I did this recently- I looked up all the names of the monarchs I could find, as the party is about to enter the Dreaming and see the statue garden.

You're missing Queen Caroline, who knighted Dame Melissa Gahlot.


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Is there definitely a monarch between Melissa (or whoever Lorcan names) and Aodhan?


Aodhan was only thirty when the previous king chose him as his successor.

Definitely a king between him and Melissa; unless you assume Lorcan named someone else, who was male.