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The following Adepts are considered "official" and are currently "in use", so to speak:

Adept Adeena
Adept Amalie
Adept Aslespia
Adept Arten
Adept Deirdre
Adept Dionne
Adept Ekaïtz
Adept Falin
Adept Gregory
Adept Hanaldil
Adept Imee
Adept Imia
Adept Jade
Adept Jorge
Adept Mithel
Adept Mortisha
Adept Nienna
Adept Raistlant
Adept Randuil
Adept Sarentis
Adept Zeliphia

If you see someone playing a character other than these that claims to be a Moonbeam Adept of Juxta, they have not been approved. If you play an Adept that does not appear on this list and want to know why, contact me:

Also, if you want to play an Adept, contact me. There is also a seperate thread on the same board dealing with this, where you can post queries, *here*.

The Adepts' own boards, hosted by invisonfree, can be found *here*.

~Jeajea, Adepts Lead
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Spoony Bard said:
Remember to contact me through email if you need anyone added to the mod list on the boards side guys :)

A bit of confusion here: "Adepts" have no moderator powers and are not part of the moderator system. No connection.

Back at Wizards of the Coast, some of the moderators were involved in the Adept storyline (the Emporium's setting was from a moderator's private campaign) and had input and approval over Adepts for that reason, because they were planners in the storyline, and not because of their moderator status.

So you won't be hearing from us, Michael, about adding to the mods list from this. However, we're in the process of hiring actual official Magi so we'll still be in touch. :)


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Adele> I didn't forget them... as Adept lead, I've decided I need to see you active on TAPI for your Adept to be included in the official Adepts list. I gather that your post means you still want to play said Adepts? I have no problem with that, but I request that you make an account for TAPI and become involved in Adept affairs. TAPI can be found at:
Also, the Adepts section is currently password protected - drop me an email at
and I'll email you the password... for obvious reasons, I don't want to post it up here. I hope to see you on TAPI! It would be great to get Magonigal and Xalexa back... they've been upgraded, too - Magonigal is Elder in charge of the Nature faculty and Xalexa is the Master of the Anthropology faculty, in your absence. If you have any objection to either of those (when you've seen just what that means), then feel free to let me know. I assumed you weren't playing your Adepts anymore...

Spoony Bard> As Trelian pointed out, the Adepts are totally unrelated to the Magi. At one point, they were 'official' in the sense that the Adept Leads were both WizOs, but this is no longer the case. I'm no Magi, and the Adepts are no more official than any other player run group. I'd like to make this point quite clear to anyone else that reads this thread with a view to joining - the Adepts are NOT in any way official nor do they have mod powers or anything like that. Just an IC group. A good one, too... very active (nowerdays) and steeped in excellent history.

Trelian> You may still be hiring Magi, but I'm not going to become one any time soon, so there's no danger of the Adepts becoming an official group. :p

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