Looking for a good Sci-fi setting


For setting (not rules) check out Jovian Chronicles. The setting is limited to a single solar system no-FTL tech. History is around Earth first expanding to settle the solar system, having a hard crash due to a war leaving the colonies to fend for themselves, and then Earth trying to re-establish itself as the power in the solar system. Of course the colonies have all have moved on from that mindset. Nice flavor in the setting with some decent hardish science in the details. Each of the colonies have their own flavors/preferences/culture etc.

Warning, as you mentioned it up thread, the core game does include an anime mecha like concept. I found it easy enough to strip the anime/mech stuff out of the game myself as that was not to my gaming groups taste.

I've heard about Infinity RPG, but don't know enough to talk about it. Only mention it in case it gives you some other ideas.