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I just picked this up after reading the reviews here (and already loving Grim Tales). I agree, i can't wait to playtest this. I have Cry Havoc, never used it. I wanted to but the complexity of the system turned me off. GT is much more streamlined and looks much easier to learn.


Thanks for the pointer, Old One. I picked up a copy for myself, as my campaign moves closer and closer to inevitable wars. Looks really good, Wulf, if you're reading.


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I bought it as well, and it look cool. The sad thing is that I ran my big, bad battle scene about 4 months ago, and it'll be at least a year before I get the opportunity to run another.



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Old One said:
<Old One rummages through his "old gaming crap" box, locates his tattered copy of Chainmail and beats diaglo over the head with it>

Don't do that, it'll lower the value!

Oh, and I guess hurt diaglo. ;)


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Yes, do not risk damaging that old collector goodie. Instead, use the Hong Stick for beating Diaglo.

I'm sure Hong won't mind.

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