Level Up (A5E) Looking for a Warforged Heritage

I'm trying to convert my 5e game over and of course, one of my players is playing a warforged fighter.
I'm not a fan of warforged but I don't want to slap the player with a demand to ditch their character.

Has anyone created a homebrew warforged heritage for 5EA yet? It would save me some time if that was the case.
If not I'll have to make one, but I'll post it here if anyone wants it.


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Josh Gentry - Author, Minister in Training
Since backwards compatibility exists, you can also just let that player use warforged:
  • get: warforged (or other) race traits (all of them)
  • forego: heritage and culture sellection, no ability score bonus from background

I've done this exact thing in my groups.


I also have one in the book of heritages I will be putting out in... March, I guess, when the actual books are available for the general public.

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