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Looking for an adventure from one of the magazines


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I'm looking for this 3e/3.5e adventure I ran a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it was from either Dungeon Magazine or Dragon Magazine. I believe it was called "Race against time". It was like a scavenger hunt kinda thing with bombs and a time limit. Does anyone know or can point me toward where I can find this?

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Dungeon magazine #81, A Race Against Time (you've got a good memory!!), although it predates the 3.X era by a tiny bit (it's actually an AD&D adventure).

One of the posters at the Cartographer's Guild made a bunch of maps for it (see this post), which might make things easier for you.


P.S. I just followed the first link to the Paizo webstore page (just to double check) and it turns out that it is unavailable through them.....not sure where else you'd go to find a copy (legally that is).

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