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Looking for D&D/d20 group in Tooele, UT


I'm looking for a D&D/fantasy d20 group in the Tooele, UT area. I'd prefer to play, but I'm willing to DM.

Respond here or e-mail me at knight_isa(at)hotmail[dot]com.


It's been nearly a year, so here's a bump.

We're about to start a new campaign (undecided thus far on particulars), and there are two players besides myself. I'll be DMing next unless we find someone else that want to.

As before, respond here or e-mail me at knight_isa(at)hotmail[dot]com.


wolfpunk said:
What day do you guys play on?
We play on a weeknight, usually 6:30pm or so until 10 or 11pm. Which weeknight varies depending on schedules. On occasion we play Saturday afternoon instead. We usually only schedule one game at a time (so at each game we figure out the schedule for the next).
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