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PF1E Looking for ideas - the "Mad Architect"


As is often the case when I start planning out adventures, I am finding that planning too far in advance turns out to be a waste.

I was planning on having the players explore a ruined temple on their way to other cities for other reasons. I pictured a temple that fell during the Godswar, infested with Burned Ones and Huecuvas (um, undead creatures made from clerics who lost their way.) Looking for maps, I stumbled on this:

Then I am considering how an extradimensional ossuary came to be below a cathedral. I started to consider the idea that a "mad architect" was responsible, and his crazy lair happened without the priests' knowledge. I was considering making him into an end-boss and started to consider what he would be...

... and as per normal, my mind is sabotaging me. I am now thinking of making the Mad Architect into a Dark Wanderer or Sephiroth type campaign-central villain. Which sort of takes a bowling ball to most of the ideas I had already thought up for the game. My intent was, over the course of the game, to have the players:
1) Deal with the cult of Belsameth, a goddess of assassins, lycanthropes, death, madness, and magic.
2) Contend with Asaatthi (snake-men) and other followers of Mormo, a snake-themed titan.
3) Explore ruins looking for remnants of the Slarecians (psionic ancient race)
4) Free an elven tower from a bottled up demon-infested land of their own making (made to contain the demons)

Now this works into #3, but I don't think I can fit #4 into the scope of the campaign if I go this direaction. I still very much want to do #1 and #2, but if I introduce the Mad Architect this early, it may consume the focus of the game. On the bright side, I think this could be an interesting substrate for the game, but I want to keep several elements I already had alive.

And I have not figured out exactly what the Mad Architect is yet. Any bright ideas? For the moment, I'm thinking a Psychic Lich, but I'm not sure whether or not that's the right thing. I am thinking something with some other form of serial immortality would work, but that comes close. But I am also thinking it may need to be something more bizarre.

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First Post
I did an interesting dungeon once that dealt with non-euclidean geometry and stuff. Basically incorporated the never ending staircase, relative gravity and rooms on ceilings. Doing combat on a sphere or cylinder is also really interesting.