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I've always seen charts of standardized symbols for dungeon features -- gates, statues, secret doors, etc. However, I can't seem to find something like that for outdoor features. Bushes, trees, rubble, and so on. Anybody have something like that?

I'm not talking about overland map stuff. Like this is a Mountain, Jungle, or City. I can find plenty of those.

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Well as a cartographer, that do include bushes, trees, rubble, etc. Sometimes I create the object, on-the-fly, for just that map - meaning I don't necessarily have a preset of symbols for all my needs in a map. Sometimes I have needs, that I didn't needn't on previous maps, so I have to create a new symbol on-the-fly. I do that all the time. So, no, I don't have a key, for every symbol in a map, definitely not every plant. I only provide keys for the important items, locations for a given story - the cave entrance, the ford across the river, the old Druid's tree, keyed symbols for that kind of stuff, not for every object in the map. I don't have anything like that, nor see why I would... (the need has never come up).

The closest I come, is in the gazetteer portion of map object set products I sell on DTRPG, where each symbol is isolated, not as a key, but emphasized, stuff like this... (swamp symbols).

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The High Aldwin
WonderDraft has a bunch of symbols by default and is a one-time purchase (updates have been free so far).

Campaign Cartographer is another popular (but older) tools for mapping.

Otherwise, just search for the symbols, adding .png if you want transparent backgrounds.

For example:


Arkenforge has a ton of assets for making maps

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