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After reaching 71 players on Roll20, with 5 of them being GM with all different styles, types of play and time zones to facilitate any group of players all in the same world, I thought we were set, Full Steam Ahead!

Alas, there were only games when it was pushed, it was the same group with the same GM, give or take 1 or 2. The GM (Brian) was (IS) perfect, the group, it was (IS) fun and adventures were (ARE) being logged and are open to all players.

But there was no initiative from all the other people. Not everyone was on discord so games weren't discussed by everyone, and not all of those were on Obsidian Portal where games could be effectively proposed, managed and set.

So, I removed everyone that was not on Discord, then those that had never even put on message on Discord, only those that showed even the slightest interest were left in, and those removed were given a way to get back in.

Previously 71, now 12.

Let's get some players again! Show some interest, there is no need to commit to X amount of games within a certain time frame. Talk to people, develop a community that can support itself.

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I'm clearly missing some context here. (Formerly) 71 players? What's this, and why am I only hearing now about it?
Also, where does one sign up, if one were so inclined?


Well, that was fun
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I’m not sure I get it either. You had 70 players show interest, but then you fired them all and are looking for new players?

I mean, people are busy. If they showed interest, they may be able to play at a later date or whatever. They probably won’t now! :)


I'm clearly missing some context here. (Formerly) 71 players? What's this, and why am I only hearing now about it?
Also, where does one sign up, if one were so inclined?
This is, unless I'm mistaken, about the West Marches-style game (see original thread here) that I wanted to join at some point but didn't didn't have the time when it started.


The game was advertised on roll20, reddit and here.

71 people ACTUALLY joined the group on roll20. Warning was given 1 month in advance telling people to get on Obsidian Portal or to even say something on Discord.

People are busy and that is understandable. Only people uses accounts were sitting there were removed, ones that never said hi or anything.

If anyone wants to join, jump into the discord server, say hi. Everyone is welcome :) https://discord.gg/XzMvGRK


For those unfamiliar with a West Marches game, it's a style of sort of shared world, open pool approach to games. You get a group of players and GMs together, make a shared area map - say a chunk of space, or a planet, or for a fantasy game it might just be "the borderlands" - either way, it's mostly unexplored. You create a shared hub area - a town or whatever the players can be from - and then any GM can run for any group of people who have time. It's supposed to be a way of helping people who don't have fixed schedules get a chance to play, as well as meet new people and get their feet wet GMing.

In theory, the way it works is like this - the hub has a few rumors to start with. A player says "Hey, I want to check out that old industrial moon on square x-23. I'm available Thursday at 4pm for about 5 hours - anyone else able to make it?" And they get together a few players, a GM throws in an offers to run it. Thursday, they run and find out it was a moon where they made prizes that went into boxes of pancake and waffle mix. Unfortunately, the industrial workers were abandoned when the company up and fled, and now the planet is a hotbed of a fanatical warrior religion called the Jemima's Witnesses who are stuck there. One of the players writes up a report, or a rumor for the rest of the Hub.

A week later, a different player says "hey, I want to contact the advertising department for the pancake company - I think this could be the basis of a intergalactic bloodsports TV show funded by the parent company." A different GM from the first decides to run with it - he says he's available Sunday in the morning. They get a different group together, maybe there's a player from the first group, maybe not - and they go do the mission for the advertising company to set up a bloodsports arena on the old abandoned moon called Pancake Wars. They write up a report, or some rumors. This continues on - the Pancake Wars plot line might have a few different GMs running for it, it might intercept other events going on in the area, might feature completely different teams.

In theory, you end up with a pool of players and GMs who are running for each other, exploring this shared map and shared world, doing one-off missions that build into greater shared stories. It can be really cool when it works - the problem is that you can end up with a lot of people saying "boy that sounds cool" joining the discord, then just lurking there so you have 50+ who have never said a word, never tried to play a game, and give the whole place an intimidating ghost town feel. You can also end up with a GM who ends up only playing with a single group of players for the most part. It's the type of thing that can be really awesome - but you have to have active players who are willing to help avoid some of the pitfalls.

Brian I

I mean, people are busy. If they showed interest, they may be able to play at a later date or whatever. They probably won’t now! :)
I'd normally agree, for usual type campaigns. With a West Marches style game, the sense is after a month of not commenting, they weren't going to play.

It was a bit odd, but it was well announced, and the minimum bar was pretty low for a Player: register at the campaign website and/or the discord server. There's folks who have done so, but aren't ready or able to play now. Folks were given advance notice, and invited to come back.

It's been a very interesting (and fun) process regardless. I'm viewing it as learning experience, so how to better advertise, on-board, incentivize, etc. is all part of the deal.

I totally appreciate knikpiw and the other members providing organizational help and such as well.