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I'm looking for an online D&D 5E group to join. I'm in central Illinois physically, but I'm a lot more comfortable gaming remotely (Zoom, Roll20, Foundry, Astral, Fantasy Grounds, etc.). I'm an AMAB bigender person who prefers playing female characters as a way of exploring that side of myself. I'm a librarian in my day job and am free most nights and weekends, though there is the potential for occasional conflicts with reference desk shifts or conferences. I tinker with character creation in my free time sometimes and have a few character concepts that I'm particularly interested in playing at the moment. If you have an opening in your game and one of these characters is appealing and/or might fit the group well please let me know!

Metis - A skillful Changeling Rogue (Charlatan). My plan for her is that at third level she will become a Soulknife, then multiclass into Lore Bard for the rest. She likes to use her shapechanging ability and versatile skill use to infiltrate areas through impersonation and get what she needs and get out without having to get into combat - and better yet without anyone realizing that unauthorized access had even been achieved. When she gets her soulknife ability she will never be unarmed, but can appear to be unarmed. She can impersonate a dignitary, go into high security areas and parties with weapon restrictions and "smuggle in" her weapons, even though she hopes to avoid using them.

Tanith - A Yuan-ti Hexblade Warlock (Urban Bounty Hunter) mercenary. Tanith is particularly good at hunting people down and bringing them back... for the right price. Tanith has a cold, calculating mind and a preference for whatever is best for Tanith, though she is quite loyal to her friends.

Threshold - A Warforged Twilight Cleric (Faction Agent), Threshold has been serving as a night temple guard for The Sovereign Host/Boldrei (or similar deity/deities in the target campaign setting) and has rarely if ever been beyond the temple walls, until they received a prompting from their deity to go on a quest...

Yrsa - Yrsa is a Shifter Barbarian from the frozen wastes (Far Traveler). After her shifter tribe was scattered to the winds she has travelled far and wide seeking a new place to call home. Unfortunately her tendency to face problems... "head-on"... has made it hard for her to find a place to really settle down permanently. It might be hypothesized that this is self-sabotage as she doesn't really want to settle down enjoying roving from battle to battle, but that is talk for word people, not battle people.

Violet - Violet is a human Rogue (Charlatan) with a talent for the arcane arts (Magic Initiate (Warlock) on the road to becoming an Arcane Trickster. She prefers combat at range with Eldritch Blasts, but is a quite capable rapier and dagger fighter when it comes to melee.

Artemisia of Caria - Artemisia is the only child of her parents and heir apparent of a small but not insignificant kingdom. Her parents trained her in a variety of things that she would need to know when she became ruler, but her aptitudes bent towards the martial and she is a skilled Fighter. Artemisia's relationship with her parents is frosty, they don't approve of her adventuring, but they don't want to be seen as being unsupportive of her either. Artemisia, meanwhile, is determined to win acclaim through adventuring that will make smoothing things over with her parents when she returns a bit easier... but kind of feels that, though her parents never said it outright, that maybe she can't return without having earned such reknown.

Aasathra - Aasathra is a Silver Dragonborn Oath of the Crown Paladin. She grew up the youngest of five siblings, a child of a wealthy minor country noble family. She is (mostly) happily trying to follow a family tradition of government and religious service for the greater good of society, yet she can't help feeling a vaguely draconic taste for the finer things in life... pleasures and riches... as long as she is doing her duty there's nothing wrong with a paladin enjoying herself, is there?

Frost - Frost is a foundling who was mysteriously found abandoned on the steps of a monastery in the remote arctic. The monks who raised her were tremendously worried about the little one who was so cold to the touch... until they eventually realized that she wasn't an unusually cold human, but a perfectly normal Ice Paragenasi, the offspring of a forbidden love between a Water Genasi and an Air Genasi. Now the young monk has been sent out into the world by the monks as a kind of a Rumspringa to see if she wants to find a place for herself in the wider world or return to join the monks in the temple.

Osmosis - Osmosis is a strange product of (intentional or accidental) arcane energies (a Simic Hybrid). She is one of a kind, at least as far as she knows, and is trying to find where and how she fits into the world. She has some ability to defend herself (Monk class) largely discovered through accident and experimentation. Whether these abilities are a result of whatever made her or something that whatever she was before the incident - if she existed before the incident - that made her already knew she has no clue. Regardless, she's pretty happy with herself. She kind of enjoys the many ways the "normal" people she meets react to her oddness.

Idril Greenhill - Idril is a Halfling (Stout) Rune Knight. An Outlander who was serving a Halfling military unit as a scout she came across some runes and figured out how to use them to enhance her combat abilities. Now she is seeking adventure and exploration hoping to find new runes and new power that she can bring home to share with her fellow Halflings... and some good food and good fun while she's at it.

There are many more where this came from but these are the ones I'm most drawn to playing at present. If I sound like someone that you might like to play with, please let me know!

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