Looking for Players (WotBS or Zeitgeist)

Hi folks,

out of the blue I just received an answer to a thread I posted ages ago over on Roll20. Someone else voiced interest in playing either WotBS or Zeitgeist, and - imagine my complete shock at this - they might even offer to take the DM seat for this.

Now, all that's missing, is more players.

Anyone up for this?

Not much has been decided upon, except
- Playing online
- European timeline (so, somewhere around GMT or GMT+1 give or take)
- probably using roll20 (I'm completely unfamiliar with Fantasy Ground, but I know it would run on my Linux machine, so I'm open to that)
- some D&D-ish system (I'd prefer 5e, but I'll do PFRPG, heck, run it in whatever you want, just let me play!)

What else? I'd say 3, maybe 4 players. I'd imagine going for a once-a-week schedule, early evening-ish would be best for me during the week.

So, any takers? Any questions?


Roll20 will probably be easier to run WotBS as the adventures are available on the marketplace. Zeitgeist will be coming out soon on Roll20, but its release schedule will be a little slower as it will eventually catch up with En5ider (which is handling the 5e conversion).

I am looking at building the FG versions once FG Unity is finally released.