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Looking For Research Recommendations In Tabletop RPG Crowdfunding

As a small time community creator on DMsGuild, I'm having to prepare for the worst in case WotC offends the tabletop RPG community even more. I still have a couple of big projects in the works that I can't transfer to a different system due to being setting-related, so I'm possibly going to take a huge hit on expected income this year.

As such, I do have a non-DnD project started some years ago that I can enhance with an original setting (the same as an indie videogame I'm developing).

Depending on how things go, I might need to crowdfund for it so if possible, could anyone share suggestions for past successful indie TTRPG Kickstarters to look at for researching how to go about it?

This might be helpful for others as well, since a mass migration of creators off DMsGuild might be in process and/or in the near future.


ENWorld Article from 2021 about 22 successful TTRPG campaigns.
Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarter Club

Bladerunner RPG - successful Kickstarter in 2022
BLADE RUNNER – The Roleplaying Game
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Well, that was fun
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Here's the list of million dollar TTRPG Kickstarters.


Here's the list of million dollar TTRPG Kickstarters.

Thanks Morrus! :love:

I just remembered that Blade Runner had a mega successful campaign last year. I'll add the link to the original post for anyone reading this thread.

aramis erak

things common to the list of bad KSs that resides on RPG Geek:

Too many stretch goals.
Underestimating shipping costs.
Any goals involving injection molding of plastic.
Anyone on the team is named ___ (list of about 8 names)
Content still to be written when KS is launched.
Were not ready for import embargo/fees

So, the corollary:
Keep stretch goals few and reasonable
Assume shipping costs will climb
Avoid any plastic bits
Don't promise anything not yet written
Remember to check with the potential holdups and import/export fees, embargos, and warehousing charges during same.

Don't get involved with the dubious actors who've managed to screw up other KSs...

aramis erak

While I won't say stretch goals have never enticed me, I can honestly say I've never participated in a Kickstarter just for the stretch goals. So, yeah. Don't go crazy.
I have... but the stretch goal in question was the entire collection of the prior edition of the game. The edition I'd only been able to find the corebook of.
And it was fulfilled within a couple weeks of the KS closing.


Sine Nomine are the gold standard in KS campaigns IMO (no offence, Morrus). Kevin Crawford will be publishing a short guide sharing his experiences of running successful KS campaigns sometime in the near future. This was a stretch goal from his most recent, successful KS campaign and it will be published through Drive-Thru. That would be worth keeping an eye open for.

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