D&D General Looking for the name of a mystery monster

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I'm surprised that this creature is actually mentioned in an old book I recently acquired: Hordes of the Abyss (p. 156 and 157). Apparently the 92nd layer of the abyss is a creature known as Ulgurshek, which is a Draeden, which lay dorment while the abyss formed around it. But while mentioned, the book does not go into detail about it. It does not provide any stats for it, nor even mention the Draeden creature type. Which is strange. If you're going to write a book about the layers of the Abyss, you'd think this unique creature would be worth a mention.


I used to know about this exceptionally large race of creature and now i cant remember its name. Its ancient, has a ridiculous number of armlike tentacles ending in mouths, existed back when physical qualities of the universe were not yet established, individuals are generally now trapped in the planes, are generally shaped like giant angry kooshballs, are from an edition prior to 4e, and they are not gods. HALP ME!!!
Sounds a lot like the Draeden from the BXCMI's Immortal Set & Wrath of the Immortals.

Its classed as a colossal+ aberration. Its also strongly implied (in one of the places i vaguely remember them being given a mention with some stats) that only the smallest draedens have 40 arms but all larger numbers of arms that they can have bare a geometric relationship to all previous smaller numbers starting with 40. The one that is an entire layer of the abyss probably has millions of arms. But an entirely orderly number of them. Ulgurshek is supposedly only one of many draedens acrossed the planes that got trapped as planes took on more physically real properties. Locked in place or at least hampered by matter and physics.

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