Looking to Join or Start a Group in Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR


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Hi everybody!

I'll be moving to Vancouver, WA in just a few weeks, and I'm leaving behind an awesome group of gamers in North Carolina. I'm hoping to join a group soon after the move, or failing that, start a new group. I'm a longtime GM, but I enjoy the player's side of the screen as well.

As far as game systems go, I've recently fallen in love with Savage Worlds, and I'd prefer that if I end up as the GM of the group. I love both sci-fi and fantasy, so I'm sure we can work something out.

If somebody else is running the game, I'll play just about anything. I'm particularly interested in giving D&D 5E a shot, but like I said, I'll play whatever.

Feel free to respond here, PM me, or email me at theoutsyder83 [at] outsydergaming [dot] com.

EDIT: I would love to post a link to the player survey, but apparently I can't because of forum rules. Geez. Send me a PM or email, and I'll link you to more information.
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Hey there,

I live in Gresham in the Greater Portland Oregon area. I saw your post on Enworld about putting a new group together. Are you still recruiting? I am a longtime gamer who is without a group currently. I would most ideally be looking for a skype or roll20 game. It may be possible for me to attend a game in person if it were on this side of the river, but it would be hard for me to get over to Vancouver. In general online gaming would be my first choice.

I am in my 40s and have been playing RPGs since grade school. My gaming background includes DnD, Champions, Shadowrun, and may other systems. I have read 5th edition DnD and watched actual plays, but have not had a chance to actually have a go over the table with it yet. I played quite a bit of 4th ed DnD (actually every edition but 3rd, only played that a few times).

I in terms of scheduling I am off on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Daytime games are probably better for me that nights, but nights might be possible if it were a online game. I have kids and my wife works evenings so I have alot of commitments in terms of making sure homework is done, kids have dinners, etc.

In terms of game style I like a balance of role play/story time with action and combat. Both are fun and I would not want to focus entirely on just one. I like game mechanics and moderate character optimization, but I like to leave room for personality and some non-optimal choices if they are fun.

I am probably more able to commit to being a player than a GM. I have spent alot of time behind the GM screen but I work full time and I don't know how much time I could up into this outside of the sessions without burning out.

If this doesn't mesh with your schedule or expectations but you are still looking for a group check out http://www.ggportland.com/ Guardian Games in Portland. It might be a good way for you to mesh with other games in the area.

Feel free to post here or PM


Sorry to necro a long dead thread. Did you get a group up and running? I'm fairly new to Vancouver, WA. Moved down from Canada in late 2021. Haven't found a group that's playing stuff other than D&D, which isn't really my preferred system.

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