Dragonlance Lord Soth’s stats and CR


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Since this is going to be a thing, let’s make it its own thing.

Let’s run some numbers to see how the party at the end of SotDQ would fair against Lord Soth.

A focus on actual numbers instead of endless opining would, I hope, settle things a bit quicker.
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He has less than 300 hit points. A 9th level party wouldn't have any trouble knocking that down in 3-4 rounds.
In 3-4 rounds. I am pretty sure an 11th level party would be downed.

Here is Soth's Statblock so people can see it.


Again, my 9th level party fought a 450 hit point blue dragon and killed it in 5 rounds. This would be easier.
worst for soth/best for players situation is a lucky shot (with lucky initative count) and the cleric uses
As an action, you choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you, cursing it until the end of your next turn. The next time you or an ally of yours hits the cursed creature with an attack, the creature has vulnerability to all of that attack's damage, and then the curse ends.
then the rogue attacks twice, one is a crit and drops 2d4+10d6+5 damage x2 damage and get slightly above average 102 damage... I use this example cause a lower level (and way luckier) version happened tuesday night

this is roll20 so all rolls in open, cleric dropped that then rogue went (we are only 6th level) and dropped a crit with d8 mind blade (so psychic damage) and did 2d8+5+6d6 and did max on 1d8 and a whole set of d6s... so 44 damage... then doubled to 88, followed by the warlock paladin criting smiting and dropping a 2nd level smite for 4d6+5+6d8 reroll 1's and 2's and the dragon didn't get to go.

I've no doubt he would go down in 3-5 rounds IF the party could survive his initial onslaught.
it depends... my 6th level bladesinger can call a26 AC, and if he attacks me 3 times it will hurt (he almost for sure will hit me 1 out of 3 tries) but he ain't dropping me without a crit.
my 9th level armor artificer can't call a 26 but walks around with a 21 or 22 and can't be crit, and if he hit me with all 3 attacks he would need to do above average to drop me.

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I think I'd be more fun if he was pursuing the party, slowly, relentlessly while they stormed the citadel to beat Fire-Eye. Like a Relentless Slasher from horror movies or the Nemesis or Tyrant from Resident Evil. You cannot defeat him, only escape and avoiding him while you reach your goal!

This statblock aint it, though.

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