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There is no official MAX XP for the hardcover adventures (inc. Lost Mines). Characters should earn XP based on what they accomplish each session. With that being said, unless your DM is adding monsters to encounters - the max XP should be whatever the sum total of all encounters is worth + any story awards listed in the adventure.

If your DM adds/removes monsters from an encounter, the total XP will be adjusted upward/downward accordingly. However, with that being said - the primary reason to adjust the number of monsters in an encounter is due to the party APL being greater than/less than the area's intended difficulty, and/or having more than/less than 5 players.

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Yah, well, none of us has the actual Mines set but him, so we have no idea how much we 'should have' gotten versus 'ended up getting.' Like I said, not a big deal, but a couple of people at the table were surprised at the large amount of XP in the final session, since they had heard it wasn't supposed to get a PC all the way to 5th level. Thanks.


Every game I have run of Lost Mine (twice) and played in (3 times) has ended slightly different. One collapsed before Chapter 4 and the party had an ill fated run in with a certain Dragon in another.


Welp, practically a TPK tonight, second session. Bard insta-killed by Klarg's sneak attack. Had him roll up a new one while we continued. Finished Klarg and took a short rest (second of the adventure day). Go into the fight with Yeemik. New bard character tied up with Sildar. Goblins FINALLY start hitting. Wizard goes down. Cleric stabilizes her. Paladin goes down. Cleric gets him up with potion, max heal. Call for a fighting retreat across bridge. Bard rescues Sildar down shaft in Area 4 (no light source ). Govlins chase party. Yeemik chases bard and Sildar. Paladin goes down. Cleric goes down. Unarmed Sildar goes down. Only rogue left. He runs and manages to lose last two goblins when they fail perception checks to see if he went left or right in Area 7.

We were out of time so I had to decide what to do. With only 2 goblins remaining I ruled that Yeemik took all their stuff and bugged out of the lair. The bard and rogue escaped and came back with folks from Phandelver. Session 3 will start with them convalescing at the inn. Sildar will float them a loan for starting gear in lieu of the reward they would have gotten from him. But only the rogue has any money.

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