Love Letters to D&D; TO SLAY A DRAGON previews; and approaching the 2500th daily news post? PLUS CA

[h=3]EN World News[/h]
  • In this week's Pretty Darn Fun (a look at new PDFs) we have 12 PDFs, 4 WotC re-releases, 3 adventures and 1 noteworthy Spotlight PDF. This week's column is stacked with good releases. We have a re-release from one of my favorite games from the past up to a pre-order for one of the most prominent products of today. In between those two we'll look at some supplements and a lot of new systems. Again we have an excellent week for PDFs.
  • D&D Do-Overs is the subject of Southern Oracle's latest column - inspired by the Star Trek reboot, he thinks about the rewrites of D&D modules we've seen over the years.
  • It's not earth-shattering news, but after a few requests I added a COMICS prefix as an option for threads in the Geek Talk & Media Lounge forum and a microbadge for the Dread RPG.
  • TO SLAY A DRAGON, my Pathfinder adventure trilogy, is in the final stages of layout. Pre-proof PDFs of Acts I and III ("The Ills of Hengistbury" and "Into the Dragon's Lair") have gone out to those who backed the Kickstarter last year. You can see some previews here or check out the official website here.
  • I did some back-of-an-envelope calculations out of curiosity. I've been writing this column/blog for 12 years now (I started on Jan 1st, 2001). At a guess, while I clearly haven't managed every day, I reckon on average it works out to about four per week - sometimes it's 7-days a week, sometimes it misses a few days over conventions or holidays, or my general procrastination). Based on that, I think I should be coming up to my 2500-th daily news post. Since I can't work out exactly when that will be, I might just pick a day and declare that #2500!

[h=3]Dungeons & Dragons News[/h]
  • Against the Slave Lords Excerpts: A1 -- Recently, the slavers' attacks have become more frequent and vicious. Believing their prey to be weak and helpless, the raiders have burnt entire villages and pulled down the walls of towns. Women, children, and whole families have disappeared; and though bribes are accepted, the agreements are ignored. Vast tracts of coastline have been reduced to ashes, left barren except for packs of wild dog

[h=3]RPG News[/h]
  • Love Letters to D&D -- A year ago, Pelgrane Press announced 13th Age, billing it "a love letter to D&D". But it's not the only one! Torchbearer, over on Kickstarter right now, is described as "a dungeon crawl roleplaying game and love letter to Basic D&D". As Green Ronin's Chris Pramas tweeted, "D&D is getting so many "love letters" it's going to need it's own Penthouse Forum."
  • Time Heroes is another Kickstarter; this one "is an attempt to capture the comedic adventure of Saturday morning cartoons (the Real Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, etc.)".
  • Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. Kickstarter. Do I need to say any more?


[h=3]Gygax Magazine: Issue #2 Release Dates & Beyond[/h]
An email just dropped in my inbox listing the release dates for forthcoming issues of Gygax Magazine:

I know you've been looking forward to hearing when our next issues are coming out, so here's the news. Issue 1 was our pilot issue, a chance for us to get processes in place and work out the kinks that come with a new magazine.

From issue 2 on out, we'll be on a regular 3-month schedule. Here it is:

Issue 2 - Wednesday, July 31
Issue 3 - Wednesday, October 30
Issue 4 - Wednesday, January 29
Issue 5 - Wednesday, April 30

(Those are the dates that the magazine will be arriving for you as a subscriber, as close as we can estimate. The printer mails them about a week earlier. Distributors get the magazines on that day, so it will take a little bit to get onto store shelves)

I also want to say thank you to for being early supporter through your subscription, and let you know that your four-issue subscription will be getting a bonus extension, so your subscription will go through issue FIVE.

We know some problems happened with this first issue and people are eager to get issue 2, so consider this extra issue an apology and thank you for believing in us. We can't wait for you to see the second issue at the end of July, I really think you're going to like it.

[h=3]Community News[/h]
  • GeekNative has reviewed Cubicle7's First Doctor Sourcebook. (Incidentally, I flipped through the book at UKGE and it looked FANTASTIC!)
  • An article on Pelgrane Press' website shows how to convert the Achtung Cthulhu scenarios "Three Kings" and "Heroes of the Sea" (originally written for Call of Cthulhu) to the Trail of Cthulhu rules.
  • Richard Denning, one of the founders of UK Games Expo, discusses the process of organizing a convention for 4000 people.
  • The Chamber of Mazarbul offers some further thoughts on the 13th Age barbarian.
  • Kobold Press talks character arcs in From Screenplay to RPG.
  • Gnome Stew has a pre-release review of Automagic Tiles (dry-erase tiles).
  • Campaign Mastery reinvents an Orcish Mythology.

[h=3]Bestelling Rulebook Sale on DTRPG[/h]
75% off four of the all time best selling RPG core books in PDF format for one week only. This email from DTRPG (edited for exclamation!! point!!! crimes!!)

  • Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition - Join us for the ultimate adventure of fantasy samurai, locked in perpetual battles of honor and glory within the bonds of the Code of Bushido. Regular PDF Prince: $34.99 Sale Price: $8.75 Savings of $26.24!
  • Traveller Main Rulebook - Traveller is back, and it is better than ever! Based on the Classic Traveller rules set, this book has been streamlined for modern roleplaying, and yet still retains that unmistakable Traveller aura. Regular PDF Price: $19.18 Sale Price: $4.80 Savings of $14.39!
  • Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition - The year is 2072. Magic has returned and creatures of myth and legend walk among us as megacorps bleed the world dry. Shadowrun, Fourth Edition offers a completely new rules system that is simple, integrated, and accessible. Regular PDF Price: $15.00 Sale Price: $3.75 Savings of $11.25!!
  • King Arthur Pendragon 5.1 - Relive the grandeur and romance of the greatest of all legends - the story of King Arthur. Assume the role of a knight starting his career in the time of Uther Pendragon, undertaking quests and perilous adventures for your lord, for your lady-love, for the Church, or for your own glory. Regular PDF Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $5.00 Savings of $14.99!
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