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[LPF] The Lady of Lake Laguna

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Deuce Traveler

Round 5

Pan- 25
Elros- 19
Mortar- 16
Kanli- 16
2nd Summoned Creature (alligator)- 15, 5 rounds passed on summon
Pan's Alligator Companion ("Ernie")- 13
Yo- 12
Krag- 12
3rd Summoned Creature (water elemental)- 2, 4 rounds passed on summon

Elros continued to bleed as his friends moved to aid their fallen companion (-1 hp to Elros, Needs a DC 17 Con Check to stabilize and is now at -7hps). Mortar attacked 'Ernie' once more, connecting and dealing the beast a grievous blow that caused it to roar (-11 hps to Ernie).

Kanli was able to pull Elros ashore, avoiding beasts' teeth and whipping tails, and healing his companion (+5 hps to Elros, who is at -2 hps and now stabilized).

Angry that his target was taken away, the alligator that was going to attack Elros switched to snapping at Kanli. (-21 hps to Kanli, who is now at -9 hps!). Kanli swoons and falls while the summoned gator disappears, the powers that brought and held him to this place having expired.

Ernie attacked Mortar once more in a rage, piercing the man's armor and felling him (-12 hps to Mortar, who is now at -5hps).

Krag was the last standing, but seeing as the summoned gator had disappeared, he instead swung at the water elemental that was beginning to sneak ashore, ripping the creature in half and causing it to burble and fall into a pool of writhing water.

Ernie and Krag stood bloodied and enraged, watching each other. But before they clashed, Ernie saw something in the distance and backed away into the lagoon, leaving Krag and his dying friends alone.

Krag took the opportunity to staunch the bleeding from his dying friends, saving the critically wounded Kanli first, then Mortar. As he bandaged and tended to his companions he saw why Ernie had stopped the attack. His efforts weren't needed anymore. Further into the island, the Lady's tree had burst into flames. Pan had done it, and Ernie was likely now swimming to the other side of the isle to meet up with the cleric and aid in his escape. A half a minute later and Krag heard the terrible, painful screaming of a woman and watched as the flaming tree seemed to twist in pain, split, shudder, and become forever still.

The party had failed. Pan had escaped and the Lady the party was hired to protect was now dead.

As the sun rose, Krag saw pixies and humans from the nearby village come across by wing and boat to rescue the party. When the sun's rays shone upon the ruined husk of the Lady's Tree there were wails and tears. There would be no more tourists to maintain the villages revenue and the last of the humans would likely pack up and leave their ancient homes. The traumatized Chip would be the last Keeper, a tale he would never again readily reveal. There would be no more blessings for the sick and unfortunate children whose families made the pilgrimage. This part of the world became a little darker. And nothing here would again be the same.

OOC: Wrapping it up on the Talking the Talk thread.
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As one light fades away, it is replaced by another, eye-piercing, headache-generating light shining into Yoshiki's eyes. He instinctively raises his hand to shield his eyes from the powerful light. It takes a few seconds, but he finally realizes the piercing light above is the sun surrounded by blue sky. The smell of a campfire fills his nostrils as he realizes sand clings to his arm now dangling over his face. "Where am I? What happened?" Yo thinks as he tries to look around. He feels very weak and unable to stand. Several people that he doesn't recognize and a few of those small pixies, like the one he met earlier, are milling around. "Pixies? Why did I meet pixies?" he contemplates. He rubs his head trying to remember what happened. Then it hits him. "Pan. The tree. The alligator attack while on the boat in the middle of the night. Night. But it's the middle of the day!" His eyes focus on his location. "An island. The island?" he looks for the tree, but only see the burnt remains of one. "No! He couldn't have! We failed!" He drops his weak head back into the sand in defeat. After a few seconds, another thought comes over him. "Mortar! The half-orcs! We were attacked. Are they okay?" He forces himself up once more, pushing through the piercing pain in his head and rising to a sitting position. He scans the sudden population around him. His rise from his slumber apparently drawing some attention as others turn to notice him.


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Krag looks solemnly down. Ah you awake.

It ams sad. The invisible boy burned down the tree-lady. The alligators took bites outta everyone but Krag, but Krag was too late. Krag feels bad now... The other little boy is sad too.

A tear rolls down the large Orcs cheek. Why did we have to go break the rocks! Why Krag so dumb. Those were good rocks. Not bad one!

Krag never break rocks again unless he knows they bad.

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