M-SPACE Giveaway Ends Tonight! [Winners Announced]

The giveaway has ended. See next post for the winner announcement.

Just a quick reminder that the Elevation giveaway end tonight! You can still join here:

Elevation: M-SPACE Campaign

1st Prize: Softcover copy of Elevation, shipped anywhere in the world.
2nd and 3rd Prizes: PDF of Elevation.

To give you a feeling for the setting, you can download the introductory scenario for free on DriveThruRPG.

The Triton Incident, a 36 page scenario, is a freestanding murder mystery that introduces the players to Elevation.

The Triton Incident - FrostByte Books | DriveThruRPG.com

Winners are announced on Saturday. Good luck!

Clarence Redd
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We have three winners in the giveaway!

First Prize: Vile, Hong Kong, wins a print copy of Elevation.

Second Prize: Alistair Clamp, UK, wins a PDF copy of Elevation.

Third Prize: Katelyn Greenlee, US, wins a PDF copy of Elevation.

Congratulations, all three. I will send the book and download links as quickly as possible.

Download Free Conversion Sheet

For everyone else, as a gesture of my gratitude, here's a little gift for you. I'm offering the Traveller to M-SPACE conversion sheet as a free download. It contains a nifty way to convert Traveller scenarios on the fly. Which means, the GM can take almost any adventure for Traveller or Cepheus Engine and run it with M-SPACE. No extra preparations needed.

Download the cheat sheet here:

Conversion Sheet Download

Thank you for joining. Don’t let winter get you down.

Clarence Redd