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Release M-SPACE - New Scenario Out Now

clarence redd

FrostByte Books
Junkyard Cover 1000px.jpg

Stranded in a Starship Graveyard
Junkyard Blues is a sandbox scenario for M-SPACE, set on a hostile world comprised of starship wrecks and strange artefacts.

Players take on the roles of stranded spacers and must venture across a vast starship graveyard to locate fuel, encountering strange aliens and desperate humans along the way.

Five factions are locked in deadly competition over basic resources – air, water and food. But cooperation might be the wisest choice.

Only a select few will be able to leave. Who stays and who goes?

The 15% launch discount continues until Wednesday.

Junkyard Blues
PDF $7.95 $6.76
Print $14.00 $11.90

M-SPACE is a d100 sci-fi RPG based on Mythras.

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clarence redd

FrostByte Books
Junkyard Blues has been out for a few days and some first impressions have dropped in. Here’s one from the Murallas Blancas blog:

"This is a great adventure that will surely require several sessions of play. It could be a multi-episode mission on a series like Star Trek, as it has that harsh sci-fi background where the PCs need both technical and social skills. Although, the aliens would be more at home in The Expanse. What comes to mind is an Expanse-style crew solving a tough Star Trek situation." Thorkrim Orlanthson (And make sure you activate Google Translate if you want to read the full review).

On DriveThruRPG, Ville K says:

"The atmosphere is really something, the npcs and factions [...] are evocative and full of plot hooks. M-Space has good published adventures, but this stands out."

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clarence redd

FrostByte Books
Runeblogger has published a well-balanced (as always) review of Junkyard Blues:

" [...] unlike many other sci-fi scenarios, this one seems more inspired by that kind of sci-fi movies one could label as "astronauts in trouble". Movies such as Gravity, The Martian or Stowaway, but with a fair dose of alien species and weird technology added on top."

"The exploration, the sandbox approach, the fight against the environment, the ample roleplaying opportunities and the modular nature of this scenario all contribute to creating an interesting little gem."

Read the full review here:

Junkyard Blues: a sandbox scenario for M-Space

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