Magic Item: Manifest of Circles

Manifest of Circles
Wondrous Item, very rare
You may name the coordinates of a location, which will activate a magic circle spell to the nearest magic circle to the given coordinates. The unless the coordinates are exactly on a circle, the nearest circle might be on a different plane, such as a nearby location in the shadowfell or feywild. Once the manifest has been used, it burns in arcane flames.

What are the opinions of this from the forum geniuses? I particularly want to get accross the usefullness as well as the danger of using it, as it could take them to an unexpected circle, perhaps occupied by neutral/potentially hostile creatures, or maybe even in another plane. This last part in particular I am having a hard time figuring out, should I leave it to the DM to decide what is closer in terms of planes, or should I work in some sort of die roll or other mechanic?

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