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Agudo Archmage

A parchment flutters in the wind with fancy writing on it, held up by a large brass tack

(Harper Ring: BY baerdith)

This golden ring has 3 continual abilities and one ability that only works on command twice per day. It continually protects the wearer from damage from fire (as a ring of Energy resistance). Each time the wearer would normally take such damage, subtract the ring’s resistance value from the damage dealt.
It is as a minor ring of energy resistance, and so grants 10 points of resistance.
It also allows Arcane Sight as the spell at will, and it also acts as a ring of protection +2.

Finally upon command the ring will turn the wearer invisible as the spell invisability, two times per day.

CL 5; Forge Ring, Resist Energy; Arcane Sight, Invisibility, Shield of Faith. Price 20,500 gp. Cost to make: 10,250 and 820xp.

Joram modified a Ring of Protection with Reseist Energy, Arcane Sight and Invisibility to make his ring therefore he did not need the Spell Shield of Faith, and it cost him considerably less to make that the price listed.

(Ring of Detect by Frostmourne)
A ring I think would be useful would be a ring with Detect Alignment useable three times per day and Conceal Alignment as a permanent effect. This would be very useful for Harpers who work undercover, especialy in areas where evil characters are predominent. The detect alignment would be useful in figuring out if a person is trustworthy or not (good=trustworthy, evil=not trustworthy). The Conceal alignment effect would help protect a Harper's identity from being discovered.

(Ring of Ram & Rune Bracelet of Agudo)

As Wizards in battle can contest that having a Ring of Ram can be very handy.
Its only draw back is that it uses all its power in one shot, and takes all day to recharge.
The Rune Bracelet of Agudo, would recharge the Ring of Ram five more times; before the Rune would be needing its own twenty four hour rest.

Ingredients for the Rune Bracelet of Agudo

One-pound Platinum, two ounces of Ram Horn dust, Bracelet-Molding, half pound of Amber, Scroll of Rejuvenation, and Scroll of Ram.

Melt down the platinum into liquid form add all of Ram Horn dust.
Then with your choice of Bracelet-Molding, from any average jeweler shop.
Pour the ingredients into the mold, as its becomes solid add Amber as center decoration of the bracelet.
Cast Spell of Ram into the Amber three times, and then cast Rejuvenation once.
Wait seven hours before using.

(Excerpt from the Book of Magic By Agudo the Archmage of Light)

*Agudo’s Hovering Stone Spell.*
From what you can decipher, from its complex symbols; it’s the classic turn
“Flesh too Stone, with an added Levitation spell.”

As you read it, not only tells you how to combine the two spells…..

5 ounces of Pixie Dust, 3 ounces of White Sand, 1 pound Lime rock, 4 Chicken Feathers. Boil for one ten minutes in a ordinary small pot, before casting magical energies into the pot.
Once learned you no longer have to make the brew, its part of your normal magical casting skills.

But it also tells why it was made, in the first place……

Personal Log-
After chasing down a vampire, who was running for its undead-life.
I cast a Flesh to Stone spell….only to watch as the thing turned to stone in mid run; and fall to the ground, shattering in peaces….. So this is why I added a hovering spell!
Should only be used by 10 level or high magic users…. Nasty side effects if used by lower mages…

>As read on Agudo gives a warning…something about low level, and week minded spell users turning them selves into floating chickens……

You wipe your brow and decide on something less dangerous and embarrassing.<
The next spell didn’t take as long to decipher; yet from what you can see, its perfect for beginners in the field of magic.<

*Agudo’s Crystal Magic Missiles*
Agudo has found away to increase the power, of the Magic Missiles spell.
The Archmage of Light, writes about how useful this spell is for beginners…..

1, 2 inch Blue Crystal, Spell or scroll of Magic Missiles.
Hold Blue Crystal in one hand fully stretched out. On your second hand, read and cast the spell.
The crystal will magnify the magic; and cause twice as many missiles to shoot out.

Personal Log-
On my many trips to Ice wind Dale, I found in the lower caves of the
Dwarven Clan Dorins Deep…. A blue crystal, growing near some dripping water.
I discovered the usefulness of these crystals, when I was suddenly attacked by these…. Mushroom looking things….. Latter I found out they were called “Blue Myconids”
But back to my story… When they jumped me, I quickly cast Magic Missiles…..
But I had forgotten I was holding a small sliver of Blue Crystal….and… well lets just say…. when it was all over… I was thrown ten feet back, bloody and badly hurt…
Yet the Myconids were….
Sorry.. Mushroom Soup!

Best used by low level mages,
Blue Crystal will over magnify, stronger magical energy, and most likely killing the High Caster!

*Agudo’s Shocking Heart*

One scroll of “Shocking Grasp, or memorized spell, of the before mentioned.
Put hand on chest of freshly dead body or dying, and count to 3 ; then every time you count to 3. Put your electrified hand on her chest, once beating stop using spell

One day I was at a students of mine newly opened tavern.
Kulideb’s is her lovely name and if you ever have a chance head over to her tavern the Flute and Boot Inn…...
But back to my spell, before I get lost in thought…
Like I said I was at her tavern, when a cute female Gnome grabbed her heart,…
Well she fail over gasping for air…. I ran over and put my ear to her mouth…she squeaked out something about electricity, and touching her heart….
To be honest I thought she was mad ..But! let it not be said, I didn’t give a person her dying wish….
I cast Shocking Grasp… lowering it down a notch so not to fry the girl….

Believe it or not her heart started beating again… and within a few hours, he was all better….
The Sweet Gnome told me she figured it out one day……. when she was caring her dead brother; from one of their flying machines... that always seem to crash…

(Do to magical interference with natural science)…

Anyway… Lightning by chance, struck her brother, as she lay him down by a tree…and well ...he opened his eyes …and lived….she thought..... if it worked for him... why not her?…..

Too much spell power, may cause person to explode…very yucky!

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