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Magic Sources Map Icons Preview & Worldographer Update


It is time to start unveiling the Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) map icons for October. This month the theme is “Magic Sources”. As usual we’ll create icons in a battlemat style, overhead buildings style, and world/kingdom map scale icons in both classic and isometric styles. Below is a sample of the classic world/kingdom style icons for this month.
The set will have over 100 icons. This month the focus is on the battlemat set, but the other sets will have 12+ map icons each. We send the icons out to all our Patreon supporters on the last day of the month. Thank you!
Also, we’ve just posted a new version of Worldographer which has a better coastline tool, moves the “View Options” drawer’s controls to a bar on the bottom of the window, and fixes a few bugs. You can get the latest version on the Worldographer download page. We also made a video about the latest update.


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Three more previews! The first is a good example of a map you can make with this month's battlemat icons: a magic shop & small school. The bottom-left room is the main showroom filled with various shelves of trinkets & substances. The room to the right is semi-private--reserved for well-known customers and contains larger items. The middle-right room is always locked and contains the owner's private golem research. The middle left room features an herbalist's table for growing various plants. A larger classroom is in the back left, with a smaller study-group room to the right. The remaining room (across from the teacher's desk) has various work-desks. Outside we have stands for the magic game the school participates in as well as a goal These are wheeled out when needed. Finally, a mage's wagon is in the bottom right.

And this months icons includes a small set of settlement (top-down building) icons:

Finally, there are isometric versions of the world/kingdom icons in the first preview we posted:

Level Up!

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