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Map Icon Packs Are Today's DriveThru Deal of the Day


Today's Deal of the Day is Inkwell Ideas's Alternate Classic Hex Map Icons, but we've also put all our icon sets on sale at 50% off.

The Alternate Classic Hex Map Icons were designed to replace the classic early/mid-1980s world/region/kingdom hex map icons with icons that have more color and can take advantage of a bit higher resolution. We've expanded these with many other icons sets for various real world, fantasy, and other genre icon sets. Many of the icon sets are done via our Patreon. We've also created world/region/kingdom icons in an isometric style (something like the Civilization computer game series), dungeon/battlemat icons, and city/village/settlement icons which are often top-down buildings along with other items you might want to add to a city or village map in that style.

They are sets of PNG images made for our Worldographer and Hexographer, but also usable with most image and map editors. They can be used for publication (but not for stock/icon packs) with attribution. See the license on each product's page for full details.

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