ZEITGEIST Map of Danoran Consulate (The Dying Skyseer)?


Does anybody have a map for the Danoran Consulate in The Dying Skyseer? I don't need it for combat, but to give players an idea of the layout while investigating the events leading to the death of Nilasa.
I found this with a Google image search. Doesn't quite match my description in the text, but then again, I've never been into a consulate building.

Sample below, but more details and floors at the link: R6Maps.com



It's a bit difficult to find a good map for the consulate, chiefly because the building is defined as being four storeys.

It may be best not to include a map so your players don't get the impression that the embassy is going to matter later on in the book; that there might be combats there, that they might need to return (assuming they made a clean sweep on their first visit).

I would suggest drawing a more 'symbolic' map. Create boxes for key locales- 'hallway outside Ambassador's room', 'ambassador's room', 'reception', 'room with Nilasa's body', 'the fence- and encourage the party to add notes onto the boxes. 'Clearly didn't jump from this window', 'we aren't allowed in this room', 'brigadeiros?'