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DMs Guild Masters of None: 0th-Level Characters


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Hello Everyone!

I'm announcing my first offering on DM's Guild, released today. It's called Masters of None: 0th-Level Characters. Here's a link.


Build the character you want as you play!

Masters of None: 0th-Level Characters contains rules for playing your character as they grow along their journey to becoming an adventurer. Learn and gain new capabilities through a detailed system of downtime training or by trusting your luck to get you started in a pinch.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Step-by-step rules for creating a 0th-level character
  • A system for increasing in power and gaining new capabilities as you advance in rank from novice to master scholar
  • Over 40 downtime training activities that cover the skills and aptitudes needed by 1st-level characters, including complications that can happen during your training
  • Appendices containing creature and NPC stat blocks appropriate for playing at 0th level

Don’t miss out on this formative phase in your hero’s story!

Follow this link to DMs Guild to check out the full-size preview and let me know what you think by commenting below.
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