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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Hello Everyone!

I'm announcing my first offering on DM's Guild, released today. It's called Masters of None: 0th-Level Characters. Here's a link.


Build your character as you play your way through 0th level!

Masters of None: 0th-Level Characters contains rules for playing your character as they embark on a journey to becoming an adventurer. Learn and gain new capabilities by seeking out instruction and training during downtime or by trusting your luck to start acquiring the aptitudes you need while facing and overcoming challenges.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Step-by-step rules for creating a 0th-level player character
  • A system where you spend points to increase in power and gain new capabilities as you advance in rank from novice to master scholar
  • Over 40 downtime training activities that cover the skills and aptitudes you need to become a 1st-level character, including complications that can arise during your training
  • Appendices containing 10 creature and NPC stat blocks appropriate for playing at 0th level

Don’t miss out on this formative phase in your hero’s story!

Follow this link to DMs Guild to check out the full-size preview and let me know what you think by commenting below.
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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Masters of None: 0th-Level Characters is now available as part of this bundle with another amazing product (with which it shares a nearly identical title :oops:)!


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Nifty idea!

I assume you've seen the DCC and original Greyhawk Adventures implementations...

I haven't read DCC, but my understanding is that it uses the "funnel adventure" concept. My supplement doesn't rely on funnel adventures, but also wouldn't be incompatible with the idea of running a stable of characters through one.

Greyhawk Adventures, Appendix 1, on the other hand, is one of the primary influences for this book, with its emphasis on the acquisition of capabilities throughout the career of the 0th-level character. In fact, some of the core concepts of my book, i.e. Aptitude Points and "Trusting to Luck", were adapted directly from Greyhawk Adventures, which is part of why I decided to publish on DMs Guild.

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