Mayu (Update!)


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a note has been placed on the boards, it is blue in colour with golden text

To all who it may concern

The Vampire Mayu is no more, has through me reclaimed her humanity.. any and all who had a hunt for her are adviced to turn their attention elsewhere... let it be known that redemption reaches everyone who wishes it

A blue Ankh has been placed under it.. there is no space for a reply
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Magnus Vincent

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Arlian, Your words could be no more true, as I was once one of the damned and I know walk as human again. I will also help any who seek humanity once more. Undeath is not an end.

Magnus Vincent E'spdon-abbil

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*A young Elf woman moves along the boards. She blinks upon spotting this particular clipping. She gives her head a shake and scribbles out a reply.*

Personally, I'd rather ash them. Perhaps stake them to a door by their hands, and sit back to await the cleansing breath of daylight. But do what you will, in the end, it's two less in my way.

Babylon Logos

*The Elf tacks up the paper, walking away.*


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Know this you who was once my child: the access you once had has been removed, the portal no longer welcomes you. You would do well to hide, but of course I'd prefer you showed your face in Oerth once more so that your life be ended. You have proven yourselves unworthy of my Dark Gift. Be strong as perhaps you never were and step out to face what is coming to you.

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