MCDM monster book “Flee Mortals!” KS is live!

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I crit!
Oh and this art in the email! Cool!

the rest of the email, minus my info.
Greetings darjr! Xorannox the Overmind here… er… rather, hello, Matt Colville here! I come bearing an announcement!

Our third Kickstarter—"Flee, Mortals!" The MCDM 5e Monster Book—is live! Come check out what we’re working on. We’re pretty excited and we think these monsters will not only improve your game, but they’re also more fun to run and more fun for your players to fight!

We've also got a t-shirt, MCDM enamel pin, and a dope new boss mini we think you'll love (though your players may not).

Make sure to check out the free preview! It's got stuff you can add to your game right now if you wanted. :D

That's all; thanks for tuning in and hope you like what we're cookin' up!


New Publisher
Interesting minion rules. I've got a draft PDF of minions and masters that I have thought about selling..... Some things are similar, some different. I like the hit point idea a lot, along with overkill.

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