D&D 5E Mearls' "Firing" tweet

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You haven't deconstructed or eliminated anything, you've just decided everyone should conform to your standard.

Not really. Anyone else can do and use whatever words they want to describe anything he or she chooses. The English language is far from standardized. Only I personally see pronouns make the most sense when assigned by biological sex. With the information I have at my disposal, I see it as the best more objective meaning of those sets of words. I am, whoever, willing and interesting in examining evidence to the contrary.

And you are correct, I have not deconstructed anything. I have no need to. By disentangling gender and sex, thereby making gender on a linguistic identifier connected to no objective standard, it can only be assigned by self-identification. There is simply nothing left to deconstruct.

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It's not about not giving someone space to be who they are, it's the lack of justification. Gender is a useful concept. Adding a Y chromosome changes a number of visible and hidden biological factors. We separate sports into different categories for men and women for a reason. We can argue whether or not that reason is justified or legitimate, but the reason remains: men and women's bodies are different. It is therefore helpful to have specific words to identify membership in each group, he and she.

The only time messiness and offense arises is when we separate sex and gender. Since gender is a social construct that many agree causes and undue amount of confusion and stereotyping, I say we deconstruct it and eliminate it entirely. Let us have pronouns attached to genetic sex and nothing else.

The problem arises, here, that there are more than just the XX and XY pairings, and even within those two pairings there are those that show sex characteristics typical of the other pairing. It's a lot more messy and convuluted than you seem to think.

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