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Mecha Depot I-B


So in conjunction with my still ongoing project here Mecha Depot - Rambling Thoughts I I have been compiling a listing to fit a generic descriptors to fit with my other notes, i.e. Jeep2/4 door, Truck, Etcetera compiled over the years from other fellow gamers and a few game wiki sites that have inspired me like Warzone 2100 Guide • Guide Index.

Below is a small table list from the ongoing writing project.

1: Campaign Setting & PTL: can limit available higher tier technologies.
2: Creature Race & Mecha Size; Core Creature Race Stats can effect the Mecha Size as mentioned in Expanded Starfinder Rules. Zentraedi anyone
3: Service Sector Area; Civilian, Commercial, Construction/Industrial, Military
4: Environment; Land, Sea, Air, Space
5: Body Frame Type; Ultralight, Light, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy
6: Body Frame Material; Superstructure and other Materials Compilation
7: Propulsion; Wheel, Half-Track, Hover, Cyborg/Bipedal/Multipedal, Track, Propeller/Rotar, Jet, VTOL
8: Engine/Power Plant; As PTL stated
9: Armor; Military and Technical designs only
10: Weapons; Military and Technical designs only
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Okay so here are few quickly compiled generic vehicle Body

Body Frame Type I
Super Heavy weighing above the mentioned weight class in the modified Starfinder Size table

Body Frame Type II
Monocycle as seen in the classic Venus Wars anime and Battle Angel Alita.

Bicycle standard pedal powered by the creatures races muscles. Can be outfitted with a two stroke engine or electrical for added speed






Jeep Truck



Semi Truck
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Once the overall Body Frame Type is selected for production the next is

Power Plant from the simple muscle driven domesticated animal to the highest level of magic or science developed tech provide the power for the mecha to move about the battlefield landscape of the campaign world

Propulsion: is the method in which the mecha traverses the battlefield landscape as following
Wheel: Single Mono wheel to eighteen plus long haul semi-trailers over uniform road surfaces
Half-Track: A combination of wheels and tracks allowing for decent movement across most terrains
Hover: Air Cushion or Anti-Gravity Repulsion allows for movement across all terrains
Cyborg/Bipedal/Multipedal: Basic bulky or streamlined suits of Exoskeleton Suits, Power Suits, Power Armors, and other vertically designed mecha. Can include animal formed mecha as seen in Zoids, Voltron and other
Track: Best for cross country terrains where roads are few and far apart.
Propeller/Helicopter; Basic Aircraft in planetary environments
Jet: Successor to Propeller driven Aircraft and most Aerospace mecha
VTOL: Vertical Take-Off and Landing capable of deployment from limited space.



Armor is limited to the Military and Civilian mecha that have been turned into Technical and Armored Variants for various protective services. Thickness is limited to Body Frame Type I. Material Composition is limited by the Campaign Setting and Progress Technology Levels so basically you could have say and Ironwood wagon with quarter inch Mithril plate overtop of the wagon.
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Weapon Systems can be any KEW, MAW, DEW, or other from the Corebooks with appropriate modifications to them. Because seriously, you the pilot of a Stryder or bipedal chicken leg walker as seen in GenLock fires the 20mm autocannon with a mix of HEI Airburst detonation rounds at the enemy quickly dispatching your opponent infantry squad.


Equipment, list compiling, is any Internal or External device installed within the mecha unit... Radio, Satellite Radio, Cluster Radio could all be installed in the mecha allowing for local radio broadcast to be received.

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