Elissar/To Save A Kingdom Meet Nemirtvi, the Malevolent Villain from 'To Stake A Vampire' (Spoilers!)

The adventure path To Save a Kingdom comes to Kickstarter next week (click to be notified)! Here I'll take a quick look at one of the villains of the adventure path. If you plan on playing, rather than running, this adventure you should avoid this post!

The adventure path consists of a trilogy of adventures--To Slay A Dragon, To Stake A Vampire, and To Smite A Fiend. Each, as you can guess, features an iconic foe for the heroes to defeat. The second adventure is a horror-themed quest and features an ancient vampire lord who awakens to threaten the realm! Yesterday we met Cirothe, the mighty dragon who threatens Elissar; we'll meet the final villain tomorrow.


The ancient vampire lord Nemirtvi, illustrated here by Claudio Pozas, places a curse across the land in To Stake A Vampire.


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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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