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Meet The Monster Tamer: Trainer Of Creatures

The Monster Tamer is another class coming soon in A TOUCH MORE CLASS, a 5E sourcebook containing nine new classes for your 5th Edition games.


[h=1]A TOUCH MORE CLASS: 9 NEW 5th EDITION CLASSES[/h]Beast-tamers, gunfighters, tinkerers, savants, and more! These new classes expand your 5th Edition game in exciting new ways! Coming to Kickstarter soon!

In 2017 we produced A TOUCH OF CLASS, a softcover book containing seven new classes for your 5th Edition game.

It was incredibly popular, with nearly 2,500 backers.

Now we're bringing you the sequel: nine new player classes in A TOUCH MORE CLASS.

Would you like us to notify you when the Kickstarter launches? Click here!
Russ Morrissey


What is the different between the monster tamer and the mahout ("elephant rider", the class to ride beasts and monsters).


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