mercenary for hire



a human male walks up and places a piece of parchement on the board. His face seems normal with no scars or earrings. A few days growth rests on his chin and cheeks, and the hair is black with a few streaks of gray, and hangs to his shoulders. His eyes are a mottled green/blue with a few specks of brown, if you look close enough. He is wearing simple clothes, tan pants and vest, an off white peasant shirt and black boots, slightly scuffed. A simple dagger rests at his left hip and another in his right boot as well, along with a few pouches. Aside from leather bracers, no jewelry is visible.

The note reads as follows:

My name is Duros von Strassle and I am a mercenary. I seek employment in this area or any areas close by. One need not worry if I follow the light or the darkness, for I will lend my skill to either, for the right price. My skills, while not perfect, have kept me alive for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Seek me out. I am often in the emporium. My appearance is (see 1st paragraph)

Duros von Strassle

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Vash Taklore

*Walks up to the boards and takes out a small piece of parchment. Scribbling a quick word under Duro's note Vash leaves the following.*

I could use someone such as yourself.
I can't promise the job will pay a lot,
but I can lodge you if the need should arise.
Meet up with me at the Crossroads Tavern if interested.



First Post
A short, thick-set man wearing a leather armour studded with metal rivets over a dirty, spotted tunic makes his way over to the boards. Upon spotting Duros' post he quickly searches his pockets for pen and parchement and soon pins his reply neatly below the first one.

It reads as follows:

Mr. Van Strassel

Your services as a mercenary are required by my superiors. I assure you that the pay will be more than adequate, and that the work, if handled properly, should be over with within the span of a single night.

Yours sincerely;

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