[Meta] How many story hours do you read?

How many Story Hours Do You Read Regularly?

  • 8 or more

    Votes: 5 7.1%
  • 5 to 7

    Votes: 11 15.7%
  • 2 to 4

    Votes: 13 18.6%
  • Just one

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • One, But I browse several others

    Votes: 9 12.9%
  • None, I only browse

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • 2 to 4, but I browse a handful more

    Votes: 24 34.3%
  • 5 or more, but I browse a handful more

    Votes: 5 7.1%
  • I only post to my own, and don't pay attention to any others

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • None at all

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Dr Midnight

RangerWickett said:
Also, I took a look at one storyhour where the party was offered a deal from some mysterious skeleton, offering to let them draw from the infamous Deck of Many Things. It was nicely written, but I forgot which storyhour it was. Could someone tell me which one it is so I can take another look at it?

As Metus said, that's my Silver Quill story hour. Takes a look, shop around, hope you like what you read. New readers get a free embroidered bath towel!

I feel I can honestly say that my story hour is the only one that boasts this feature: The author of one of the modules I used is a reader, and regularly checks in with parody songs based on recent chapters. Most recently, he submitted "Gimme four cards" (after Skynrd's "Gimme three steps") based on a character's recent four-card draw from the Deck of Many Things. Other songs include "Did a bad bad thing", after a character turned CE and killed the party, and "Doctor Midnight" (After Midnight), about the campaign in general and how I run things.

So- there's the sales pitch. Take the bait, damn you!


First Post
What I Read

Read Regularly (Like, I look every day, alright?!)
Against the Shadows
Rel's Faded Glory campaign
The Savage Sword of Meepo

Read Less Regularly (but still dig )
Knights of the Silver Quill
Unusual Heros versus the Pool of Radiance

I browse others as the mood takes me.

Wulf, sadly it all came down to me starting late. I read the first dozen or so chapters, loved it, and realized I should wait 'til later to read the rest of it. I kept waiting for enough free time, until eventually there was too much for me to want to catch up on. But if there's a recent story arc that has just started, tell me where and I'll jump in and read.

And if we're boasting about the 'features' of our storyhours, my Tides of Homeland storyhour is one of the few with a talented artist doing fan art for it. You can find pictures of all the characters on the website. I also have some free d20 material for you to peruse, mostly prestige classes from back-issues of Asgard. The link to the site is in my sig.

Wulf Ratbane

Wulf's Compiled Story Hour


Every "module" can be read seperately, but the underlying story arc concerning the halfling (which runs up through "The Standing Stone") is the best bit.

The following chapters, which you can consider "Book II" or the second half of our adventures, begins with The Heart of Nightfang Spire. It's still good fun, but it lacks the spark that held the first half together.

If I had to recommend the story to you again, I would recommend Forge of Fury through Standing Stone, at which point I think you would be satisfied and could put it aside. It's actually quite a quick read, as I generally have a lot of dialogue. Now that it's all compiled here on the new boards, without comments or interruptions, you could probably read it in an hour or less.

I also have finally compiled it into a single Word document if you (or anyone else) would like a single hard copy you can print out.



Sniper o' the Shrouds
I regularly read the following:

Wulf's Lazy Days
Contact's Liberation of Tenh

I browse a few others when time allows, but it usually doesn't, and that's what made me give up WizarDru and Old One's.

I miss Tor's.
I really, really, really liked RangerWickett's Savannah Knights, but it's over now.
I also really liked Contact's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil if for nothing else, the sheer body count.


Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
I read Piratecat's, and browse many others. Also, I hope to find the energy to read more story hours regularly. :)

Wee Jas

First Post
I read Unusual Heros versus the Pool of Radiance and Knights of the silver Quill. Why? Well because I play in them and want to see the mistakes I make in print!

I often pop into Tsunami's (when he updates it! Shame on you Tsunami!) to read about his charasmatic toad familiar Het. I also named my horse in Doc Midnight's adventure Tsunami.. to thank him for his input.

I also pop into Broc's story hour and browse almost everything to do with the realms I can find.

My horse in Unusual Heros versus the Pool of Radiance is as of yet un-named.. so get popping in! Find out how we whooped on the pool too! :cool: We are starting a new FR module I think...

click here


Once A Fool
Tuerny said:
I read the following ones regularly:

  • Kid Charlagmane's Story Hour
  • Piratecat's Story Hour
  • Sagiro's Story Hour
  • Runic Story Hour

All of them share an interesting, imaginative setting, compelling charachters and an interesting plot.

Wow! Thanks! Looks like I keep good company!

I browse the Out of a Frying Pan campaign but so far it has failed to grab me as much as those four.

I won't go into my favorites right now (as I'm pressed for time), but I will suggest that you check out The Sunderer (formerly Monkey-Trained-to-Type)'s "The Sundered Sky". I'ts fairly new, but holds great promise (in fact, I'm going to use it for my next campaign).

Also check out the afore-mentioned, Paka's "Another Bastard Child of Tolkien"

Both of these should offer what you're looking for in a story-hour.

Tom Cashel

First Post
Wee Jas said:

I also pop into Broc's story hour and browse almost everything to do with the realms I can find.

Hey, my story hour... AERUNEDAR: The Curse of Hathos ...is set in northern Cormyr...

I think no one reads it because we only play once a month (infrequent posts) and the writing in the first few episodes was, well...horrible!

But it's gotten better! Really!

I like Broc's Vilhon Reach, anything called "Meepo" cracks me up, and Undermountain 3E was striking my fancy for a while there. And I browse for anything with a strong narrative flow and nice prose style.


First Post
Rune said:

I won't go into my favorites right now (as I'm pressed for time), but I will suggest that you check out The Sunderer (formerly Monkey-Trained-to-Type)'s "The Sundered Sky". I'ts fairly new, but holds great promise (in fact, I'm going to use it for my next campaign).

Also check out the afore-mentioned, Paka's "Another Bastard Child of Tolkien"

Both of these should offer what you're looking for in a story-hour.

Cool, I will take a look at them.
I also looked at After the War since I last posted and it seemed to be a pretty interesting campaign.
I will actually be posting a story hour written by one of my players soon with included GM notes. Unfortunately I will not be able to use my exotic setting as my players rebelled against both the bredth of material I presented (I wrote a 62 page players guide) and its unusualness compared to a normal campaign setting.

Oh well :-(

Wasteland Knight

These are the Story Hours I'm currently following (or trying to at least):

Old One's Faded Glory Story Hour

Piratecat's Collected Story Hour

Contact's Liberators of Tehn

Nemmerle's Out of the Frying Pan

Dr. Midnight's Knights of the Silver Quill

Keith's Byzantium on the Shannon

Plane Sailing

Astral Admin - Mwahahaha!
The Storyhours that I read regularly are:

Old Ones Faded Glory
Plane Sailings Kyri Chronicles (Someone has to :))

and the recent Enforcers Wheel of Time storyhour.

I browse Dr Midnights Adventures of the Knights of the Silver Quill and Contacts Liberation of Tenh.

Ziggy: Complete the set of Old One's reading strategy and include The Kyri Chronicles!

One encouraging feature of the new boards is that at least I know that *some* people are reading my storyhour :) C'mon, you know Old One has impeccable taste, yes? Read about WotC modules in a homebrew world!

<meta: OK, enough pleading. Nothing more to see. Move along now ;)>


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
favorite stories

I would have to say that i love the story hours here.

Dr. Midnight- Knights of the Silver Quill
(Contact) - Risen Goddess
Wulf - Forge of Fury and beyond (well...when it comes back in march)
Samnell - Meepo (if it comes back...hope your schedule clears up)
LazyBones - Travel through the western heartlands

and all those various planescape story hours they put out there...more more i say!!!

Sorry forgot...Zad - Wizardru's story hour - Savage sword of Meepo

why do i read these...well some would say i've got nothing better to do with my life...and sadly they'd be rig...no no cuz they're well written of course :D
Last edited:


I read:

Piratecats - eversink

wulf ratbane - collected stories and the on going story about himself (currently the wicked and weary last time I checked)

Dr. Midnight - the silver quill

oghma - posy

eric noah - bastion of faith

(contacts) - ongoing liberation tales

Sagiro - Charagan

Tor Bladebearers tale (when it's updated)

I also browse milo windby, and broccoli head's hero's of vilhon reach.

However the story which makes me want to give up and go home is Faded Glory by Old One. He shows me how poor my own dark age/RuneQuest game was. I thought about finding out if stories could be posted using non d&d systems but didn't even bother to ask after seeing this story.


Dr. Nuncheon's Freeport is a cool story of a City Watch that I'm digging.

Rune's Oriental Adv. Story Hour has a trippy world. I read it in small doses.

Solid Snake's Ravenloft is cool. I really dig his in between stuff in the perspective of...was it Mordekainen?

There are a couple of others I check in on.

Haven't gotten into the big ones with hundreds of posts, just don't have that much time to sit at the computer.

City of Lies, City of Doors looks cool, but I'm a sucker for Planescape, as does

Cops and Robbers is fun steampunk and English isn't the writer's native language. You've gotta respect someone who keeps a game journal in a different language than what the game was run in. That's just awesome.

Kid Charlemagne

I am the Very Model of a Modern Moderator
I'm gratified to see that my Story Hour is getting more mentions than it did the last time this topic came up!

For anyone put off by the length (when I archived the text from the old boards, it was 117 pages), try to check out the thread here; I started it at the beginning of a major series of sessions - leading up to the climax of the campaign in fact.

If you like it, then check out the older stuff.

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