(meta) Master of ....?


Heres a question...

In the new rules, Mastering a style has a specific connotation because of the Mastery power. Thus if Someone is Master of the Wolf, we would assume he can once per fight choose to use the wolf sig style. But for those who have not Mastered a style what term can be used for knowing the style. What would be preferable...?

Sidhe Li, Student of the Wolf
Sidhe Li the Wolf
Sidhe Li, attack of the Wolf

Perhaps it does not matter so long as we remember not to say we are masters of a sig style unless we really are?

what do you think?

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First Post
I think people will use what they like. As long as they don't claim Master status when they don't have it, all will be well. It'll just be like it is now where folks list the styles they know or work them into their names.

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