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[Midnight] Errata for the CS & AtS available as download?


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Hey FFG Greg et al,

Thoth from the Midnight Yahoo! group posted this as part of a short review of Minions of Shadow recently:

"With all the 3.5 questions that have hit the list, I should also mention that there's a brief, 2-page section on the 3.5 rules. The last two pages of the book include errata from the campaign setting and Against the Shadow books."

Any chance that this errata will be posted to the FFG site? I'm not sure that I'm going to purchase Minions yet (not big on monster books) and it seems strange to me that I should have to buy another book just to get the errata for the two books that I already own. I would think that this sort of information should be available for all those who own the CS and/or AtS and not just those who also happen to get MoS.

All of that being said, I'll probably end up getting Minions :rolleyes: ;) :D I'm just a sucker for Midnight. However, I thought a heads-up was in order for those fans who might not know this info was included in the new book and for those at FFG who may have made an oversight on this one occasion.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


p.s. For the Mods: This wasn't specifically a rules question, so I didn't think that it belonged in the d20 forum. I thought this was more of a general publisher question / announcement along the lines of Nightfall's many Scarred Lands threads. If I'm wrong though, feel free to move it.
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Some other great folks and I over on www.againsttheshadow.org are putting together this very thing. Once it is done, it is going to FFG for their stamp of approval, and then it will be released.

It will be available on FFG's website as I understand it, and possibly as part of the Midnight Netbook we are putting together.

The Netbook is scheduled for release on October 1st.